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Sono-Tek Announces its Latest Ultrasonic Coating System, WP110, for Thin Film Solar Cells

Published on 2011-12-12. Author : SpecialChem

MILTON, NY, USA -- Sono-Tek Corporation announced the availability of a new ultrasonic coating system, WP110, for spraying active and buffer layer chemistries in CIGs and CdTe thin film solar cell manufacturing. The WP110 uses Sono-Tek's patented WideTrack spray shaping technology, with a fully enclosed spray chamber housing 2-6 non-clogging precision ultrasonic atomizing nozzles. Achieving 95%+ effective material usage and high uniformity of +/- 10% across the entire spray width, this new ultrasonic wet process system is a fraction of the cost ofCVDand sputtering systems used in thin film solar manufacturing.

As ultrasonic wet process spray technology gains momentum in thin film solar manufacturing, Sono-Tek continues to offer innovative, cost effective wet process spray solutions. The WP110 system easily integrates with existing lines, enabling customers using Sono-Tek's lab level ExactaCoat machines to easily scale up to production volume once their process is proven at the R&D level, with the assurance that they will be able to achieve the same efficiencies at higher volume production.

Additional manufacturing cost savings achieved with ultrasonic spray include higher throughput from seamless integration with inline high volume production lines versus slow batch processing, and the low velocity spray creates very little overspray of expensive rare elements used in active layer nanosuspensions. Independent control of process parameters such as drop size, flow rate, and deposition contributes to high uniformity with the flexibility to optimize morphology characteristics.

Sono-Tek's patented ultrasonic nozzles, the core of all of the company's coating equipment, are non-clogging precision atomizing devices, whose continuous high frequency vibrations break up any agglomerations in solution throughout the entire coating process. This is particularly valuable when depositing cadmium-based suspensions where agglomerations can result in non-uniform distribution of particles and lower cell efficiency. Ultrasonic atomization ensures the most uniform distribution of electrochemically active particles, creating the highest possible cell efficiencies in a very stable, highly repeatable process.

About Sono-Tek Corporaiton

Sono-Tek Corporation is a world leader in ultrasonic spray nozzle systems for applying precise, thin film coatings. Major industries utilizing their ultrasonic coating systems include electronics - photoresist coatings, printed circuit board fluxing, medical nanocoatings such as implantable device coatings onto stents, catheters, balloons and pacemakers, fuel cell PEMs, CdTe and CIGs thin film solar cells, phosphoric doping, anti-reflection coatings, float glass coatings, spray drying, carbon nanotube suspensions, or any other spray application requiring uniform thin film deposition with minimal overspray. Their patented precision ultrasonic nozzles feature numerous benefits.

Source: Sono-Tek Corporation

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