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Solucorp's IFS Technology Receives Patent Culminating Two Decades of Research and Development

Published on 2005-01-06. Author : SpecialChem

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Solucorp Industries, Ltd. (OTC: SLUP - News), announced that it has been issued a patent for its Integrated Fixation System (IFS) technology under Patent No. 6,838,504 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The issuance of this patent culminates twenty (20) years of research and development by Solucorp in an effort to render manufactured goods, resulting in metals pollution at the end of the products useful life, non-hazardous by building a self-remediation system into the product. This system is called the Integrated Fixation System (IFS) which cost effectively incorporates Solucorp's patented remediation technologies and patented IFS system technologies into products such as lead paint removers, paint filters, mercury emissions filters, bullets, bags, batteries etc. without sacrificing the products' efficiency. "For centuries, mankind in his quest to improve lifestyles has been forced to endure the related negative impact of these products on the environment. This negative impact has been cumulative posing a serious problem to the environment and human health which must now be reversed. Solucorp's IFS products give manufacturers a unique and innovative solution, one that is appealing to environmental groups, government monitoring agencies and mankind in general. IFS technologies are considered by Solucorp to be the solution to this "age old" problem without sacrificing lifestyle benefits" states Richard Runco, President.

The IFS technology is designed to offer consumer manufacturing institutions a "value added" alternative for consumer product safety by providing systems designed to eliminate heavy metals contamination simultaneous with the end of the useful life of the consumer products. The IFS system neutralizes the heavy metals should the metals attempt to spill out of the product upon disposal.

Consumer products for which Solucorp has developed or is in the process of developing prototypes utilizing the IFS system include vehicular batteries (lead acid), household batteries (NiCad and lithium rechargeable), mercury switches (mercury thermostats and other relays), fluorescent lights (mercury ballasts), electronic circuit boards (various metals), hearing aid batteries (nickel, zinc), solar cells (arsenic), paint strippers (lead, chromium and zinc paints), incinerator and paint booth filters (chromium, zinc chromates and lead), projectiles including gunshot et al (lead) etc. Manufacturing sales and distribution agreements are already in place to market and sell the IFS paint stripper/additive as well as the price competitive Molecular Bonding System (MBS®) slurry treatment formulation. Solucorp has signed a Research and Development agreement for self-remediating paint booth filters with the Filtrair company and has developed a prototype of self-remediating gunshot and bullets in conjunction with two major ammunitions manufacturers.

The Company's objective is to be the leader in the field of pollution prevention of heavy metals contamination at the manufacturing source. In regards to this, the Company has also filed numerous "next generation" patents on the foundation of its MBS® and IFS patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). A number of these "next generation" patents have been filed as provisional applications by the Company in 2003 and 2004 and prototypes were developed and tested including an air pollution control patent to treat mercury vapor emissions from coal fired furnace power plants. This air pollution system was showcased and tested by the Energy Environmental Research Center (EERC) in North Dakota. The test was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and a consortium consisting of coal burning energy companies which are directly affected by recent federal regulations mandating a 95% (percent) reduction in mercury emissions into the environment by the power plants. Most of these provisional patents have since been filed for regular patent status. These include IFS patents for paint stripper, air filters and self-remediating projectiles (ammunition).

About Solucorp

Solucorp Industries, Ltd., a Canadian corporation is parent to three U.S. corporations including: Solucorp Industries, Integrated Fixation System Co. Inc., and WITS, Inc. all involved in the environmental remediation industry. Solucorp's patented Molecular Bonding System (MBS®) technology can remediate and treat wastes where heavy metals are present by chemically binding those metals so that they will not leach and contaminate the groundwater. The MBS® technology has been used throughout the United States and Canada as well as the UK, Italy, China and Argentina. Solucorp's MBS® technology can be reviewed on the EPA website by typing in the New Search Space, "Molecular Bonding System". This technology is also presented in a periodical produced by the EPA titled Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) Program, Technology Profiles 10th Edition, and Demonstration Program. As an outgrowth of MBS®, Solucorp has and continues to develop products and prototypes for its IFS (Integrated Fixation System) technology which can be used as a coating or additive to paint strippers, paint booth filters, batteries, ammunition, computers, switches, liners, coal fire furnaces (mercury) and a host of other products where hazardous metals come in contact. This enables manufacturers to produce products that self-remediate thereby eliminating environmental pollution at its source. WITS EC (Electrocoagulation) package remediates wastewater and other aqueous waste streams through the use of electrical currents that destabilize suspended, emulsified or dissolved contaminants.

The foregoing discussion contains forward-looking statements, which are based on current expectations. Actual results, including the timing and amount of revenues recognized, contracts awarded and performed and net income may differ due to such factors as: delays in payment on contracts due to dealings with governmental and foreign entities; fluctuations in operating costs associated with changes in project specifications; economic and other conditions affecting the ability of prospective clients to finance projects; and other risks generally affecting the financing of projects. Investors are cautioned to perform a proper due diligence and consult licensed professionals prior to making an investment decision.

Source: Solucorp Industries, Ltd.

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