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Sino Corrugated and China Print: XSYS Print Solutions presented their new team in China

Published on 2005-06-28. Author : SpecialChem

The Sino Corrugated was the first time for the Printing Plates Division of BASF Printing Systems presenting their products on a tradeshow in China. Already four weeks later the company could present their products anew to the Chinese public. The Narrow Web Division, the Printing Plates Division and the Sheetfed Offset and Publication Inks Divisions participated successfully in the China Print the first time under the new company name XSYS Print Solutions.

In both shows the Printing Plate and Sheetfed Offset and Publication Inks Divisions introduced their newly formed team to the Chinese and international market. Customers had a chance to learn about the opening of the Asia-Pacific headquarter for printing plates, publication and sheetfed inks in Shanghai, China. During the Sino Corrugated customers used the opportunity to visit the new Asian Technical Centre of the Printing Plates Division, which combines its service program with the Centre of Technical Excellence of the Narrow Web Division. This combination offers the customers of XSYS Print Solutions a unique support package where the complete process of printing can be utilized including the printing of real jobs.

During the China Print, all product groups presented by XSYS Print Solutions received an excellent customer feedback. Both booths were constantly busy to discuss with customers from all over Asia the new solutions and possibilities XSYS Print Solutions can offer to their markets and problems.

The interest customers, partners, competitors and other market participants showed to the new company were a clear sign. The market is ready for XSYS Print Solutions and XSYS Print Solutions is ready for the market.

Source: XSYS Print Solutions

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