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SigmaKalon - Working More Effectively Toward New Color Propositions

Published on 2004-04-26. Author : SpecialChem

Sales outlets are able to generate wide ranges of colors by adding colorants (pigment concentrates) into calibrated paint products. SigmaKalon has around 7,000 point-of-sale tinting systems in the decorative market.

When merging Sigma and Kalon, about 13 different tinting systems are available on the market, each using specific base-paint, colorant lay- out requiring support for color development, maintenance and production.

Today, the number has been reduced to six providing us with numerous options to take advantage of international synergies. Decreasing complexity in tinting systems should enable SigmaKalon to better anticipate market requirements.

CLICK FOR MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF INFORMATION It was decided to maintain all color related information in a central database. The Color Bank is an in-house IT creation that contains massive amounts of information about colors, formulations, tinting system products, color collections, and so on. It is accessible through the SigmaKalon IT network. Until the Color Bank is used as a technical tool to, among other things, add and maintain color references and formulations, as well as to create installations disks for shops.

THE VISUALIZER -CONSOLIDATING COLOR PROPOSITIONS The increasingly shorter lifecycle of color propositions continuously demands the development of new concepts. The Color Bank provides the opportunity to reduce unnecessary color development and ensure a more effective generation of new color propositions. An extension, based on the NCS (Natural Color System) mathematical methodology has been developed to designate each color with a unique code.

SigmaKalon is now in the process of developing as Visualizer, which has the possibility to consolidate prototype color propositions on the computer screen using existing colors, including competitor's collections, and displaying whether the specific color formulation needs to be developed or is already available.

Initially focusing on point-of-sale tinting systems, the same principle will be translated to ready-mixed, in-factory tinted products.

Source: SigmaKalon

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