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SigmaKalon Deco France - the largest network in France

Published on 2005-09-15. Author : SpecialChem

At the beginning of the year, Direct Peintures Seigneurie, Comptoir des Peintures Gauthier and Deco France 's fully-owned distributors were brought together in a single network. The result is the largest specialized distribution network of decorating centres in France, with 180 sales outlets.

On January 1st, Deco France rebranded its sales outlets into one single unit offering Seigneurie, Peintures Gauthier and Freitag products to French trade customers under a single name, "Le Comptoir Seigneurie Gauthier". With this merger, Deco France aims to achieve greater synergy within its distribution network.

180 DECORATING CENTRES Deco France owns 180 decorating centres throughout France. They share the same commercial approach, which can be summed up in three principles: proximity to the customer, the ability to solve any problem, and a range offering everything a painter needs. As part of the merger, a new visual identity for the points of sale has been developed to increase immediate recognition by the customer of the decorating centres.

The new decorating centres mark a new concept for the French trade market. In them, professional painters will be able to find in one place everything they need to paint, protect, renew and decorate.The clear and functional interior of the shops has been specially designed to enable the customer to move freely between the four areas in the centres:

  • A paints area with the full range of Seigneurie, Peintures Gauthier and Freitag products;
  • An "equipment and materials" area;
  • An area with tools necessary for the preparation of surfaces;
  • A decorating area with samples of our products located at the entrance of the decorating centre.

As a result of this commercial reorganisation, the Deco France trade brands have been repositioned as follows:

BRAND POSITIONING Seigneurie is the top of the range brand and market leader. It is innovative, with the most complete range, intended for all painters and large companies. Peintures Gauthier is a flanker brand, middle of the range and offering good value for money to painters, Freitag is the number one for protective coatings in France.

The sales force is now the same for the three brands of the integrated network: Seigneurie, Peintures Gauthier and Freitag. On the 8th of February, the French trade department organised a press conference with the French trade press in the "Le Comptoir Seigneurie Gauthier " decorating centre in Blois in the Loire area, at which our business, our commercial strategy and the expected results were presented. Subsequently, the press published very positive articles explaining the benefits of this new network to our customers.

Source: SigmaKalon

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