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Siegwerk Scandinavia in Cooperation with RR PRINT to Strengthen Market Position

Published on 2010-12-29. Author : SpecialChem

Siegwerk Scandinavia and RR PRINT in Denmark have recently started cooperation. RR PRINT represents a number of international manufacturers of consumables and technical equipment for the graphic industry operating mainly in Scandinavia. Magnus Remse, Manager of Siegwerk Scandinavia, says: "RR PRINT has a unique ability to introduce new products to the market and we look forward to helping them gain market share."

The cooperation enables RR PRINT to deliver day-to-day service and onsite support throughout the country. "We are pleased to have found a competent partner with significant expertise in the region. Siegwerk offers the know-how, flexibility and high-end products which are crucial for us to meet our customers' very specialized and varied needs", says Heidi Graff, Managing Director of RR PRINT. She states that having inks as a part of the product portfolio is an advantage for the RR PRINT concept of offering "all-in-one hand-picked products - so without hesitation, we have agreed to enter into collaboration with Siegwerk."

Another reason for RR PRINT to opt with Siegwerk is the increasing demand for low-migration inks and coatings for food packaging. Magnus Remse says: "We will be especially active in the segment of special inks - such as our Nutripack series of low-migration inks. Other focus areas are customized ink solutions and inks for metal packaging." The common safety focus of both companies is a perfect basis for the initiative. "As a supplier of inks and coatings for printers producing packaging material for the food and pharmaceutical industries we are committed to complying with very high standards ensuring that the products we deliver are safe," explains Heidi Graff.

About Siegwerk

Siegwerk is one of the world-leading suppliers of printing ink for packaging and publications. Their international family business of 4,400 employees strives to exceed customers' expectations of quality, reliability and support. In 2009, they have generated revenues of 774 milllion euros. Company headquarters is located in Siegburg near Cologne (Germany).


RR PRINT A / S is an agent for a number of international manufacturers of consumer goods and technical equipment for printing and bookbinding. They operate mainly in Scandinavia. Their agencies spanning products from inks, varnishes and bending equipment for runway cleaning systems, operating systems and complete post press solutions.

Source: Siegwerk

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