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Siegwerk Group Supplies Ink for National Geographic in the USA and Europe

Published on 2005-02-04. Author : SpecialChem

National Geographic, with 40 million readers worldwide one of the best known and most respected publications, now relies on in the quality of Siegwerk ink. High-quality-ink from the Siegwerk Group is used in both the United States and in Europe.

As the sole supplier, Siegwerk Inc. in Lynchburg (Virginia) will be delivering all printing ink for National Geographic for the American continent from January 2005 onwards. The magazine is printed with a run of nearly eight million copies at the site of the Siegwerk customer Quad Graphics in Martinsburg (West Virginia). The Siegwerk Group also supplies the ink for the renowned publication in Europe. The pressrooms Winkowski in Warsaw (Poland) and Radin in Zagreb (Croatia) are supplied with web offset ink directly from the Siegwerk Groups headquarters in Siegburg.

Highest quality - worldwide

Jürgen Roth, Managing Director at Siegwerk Inc., the US subsidiary of the international printing ink manufacturer, knows why the publishing house and pressrooms have opted for the Siegwerk Group as their sole supplier: "As a global player we are able to produce and deliver ink of a consistently high quality worldwide. Thus we assist our customers in establishing and maintaining a uniform and consistent global market appearance."

"Value by ink": More than just ink

Alongside the global availability of its high-quality product portfolio, customers are attracted by the expanded services and consulting offerings of the Siegwerk Group. "In addition to the product quality, the decisive arguments for the choice of an ink supplier are consulting services on all aspects of printing, through to the assumption of full responsibility for the color management," explains the CEO of the Siegwerk Group, Herbert Forker.

Source: Siegwerk Inc.

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