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Sherwin-Williams to Distribute Flame Seal's Thermal Barrier Coating for Foam Insulation

Published on 2012-12-18. Author : SpecialChem

HOUSTON, TX -- Flame Seal Products Inc. announced that the Company has been assigned its vendor number with Sherwin Williams, for its fire protection coating for Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation. "Flame Seal-TB", is now available to Contractors at the local level, due to the fact that Sherwin Williams has store locations and dealers, located in virtually every city in the United States.

Flame Seal-TB is the only properly tested coating that satisfies every requirement of the International Building Code for SPUF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) Insulation, which is continuing to take an ever growing segment of the insulation market, replacing Fiberglass and Cellulose. SPUF insulation is far more energy efficient than either Fiberglass or Cellulose, and seals a structure against air leaks, as well as pests, which are reasons for SPUF's growing dominance in the industry. The only weakness of SPUF is flammability, which is why the fire code calls for Thermal Barrier protection. Flame Seal-TB solves this problem and opens all markets to SPUF manufacturers. Numerous expert sources have placed the value of the Thermal Barrier coating market for SPUF at $50-70 Million annually.

Flame Seal-TB is a recent development of Flame Seal, Inc. only having been fully tested, certified, and proven in the SPUF industry over the last two years. Market awareness of these accomplishments was achieved during the last 6 months via Trade Shows, Conferences, Educational Programs, and Internet promotions and advertising. The timing of these recent events has established the early growth stage for this new emerging market.

This latest development with Sherwin Williams now sets the stage for major growth by making the product available on short notice to Contractors everywhere, in their own cities and neighborhoods.

"After over two years of development and preparation, this is the last piece of the distribution puzzle that will allow the business to grow to its potential unhindered. Now it's up to us at Flame Seal to deliver, and to serve our new growing customer base in the foam insulation market. Everything else is complete," Michael Kiser, President of Flame Seal Products, Inc.

About Flame Seal Inc.

Flame Seal, Inc., manufacturer of the world's number one fire prevention technology, was founded in 1992 as a research and development company focused on the investigation and application of passive Fire Prevention Technologies. FLAME SEAL PRODUCTS, INC. (FLMP), began trading its common stock on March 27, 2000. Flame Seal Products, Inc. is also the Transfer Agent of record. The company offers a wide variety of Code Driven solutions for a number of diverse applications and industries, and has developed three passive fire prevention technologies which are the basis for the company's products.

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Source: Flame Seal Inc.

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