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SCAQMD to Slash VOC Limits for More Coatings Types

Published on 2003-09-03. Author : SpecialChem

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) is preparing to pass a revision to Rule 1113 that will effectively slash VOC limits on additional subtypes of architectural coatings. The new revisions could be accepted by the SCAQMD as early as November 5, 2003.

New VOC limits included in the proposal are:

Varnishes and sanding sealers - 275 g/L
Roof coatings - 50 g/L
High-solids interior stains - 250 g/L
Waterproofing sealers, including masonry and concrete - 50 g/L

The current proposal also includes VOC limits on a newly designated category of coatings called "low-solids coatings." These limits include:

Low solids coatings - 120 g/L
Low solids interior stains - 50 g/L
Low solids waterproofing sealers, including masonry and concrete - 50 g/L

The proposal also eliminates the quart container exemption for clear wood finishes, including varnishes, sanding sealers and both pigmented and non-pigmented lacquers, as of January 1, 2005.

These revisions to Rule 1113 will be discussed at a public workshop scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Thursday, September 4, 2003 at the SCAQMD headquarters, 21865 Copley Drive, Diamond Bar, CA. Interested parties can find additional information on the public workshop, including contact names and numbers at the district's website, http://www.aqmd.gov.


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