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Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings Opens New Shanghai Plant

Published on 2005-04-22. Author : SpecialChem

Philadelphia, Pa -- Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings is pleased to announce the official opening of a new powder coatings facility in Qingpu District, Shanghai, China, on Monday April 18 2005. The opening ceremony which commenced at 10am was followed by a formal banquet reception attended by clients, business associates and government representatives.

The Shanghai plant, which has received $5 million dollars of investment from Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings and taken eight months to construct, will produce a range of high quality powder finishing materials for industrial and specialized applications in the automotive, architectural, industrial goods, consumer durables and general metal finishing industries.

As the first Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings plant to open in Asia, the 17,500 sq m plant houses a full range of facilities including offices, research, quality control, application laboratories, production facilities and a warehouse area. Up to 100 employees will work at the plant when it is fully operational.

Powder coatings are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional wet paint finishes. These coatings come in hard wearing formulations and a wide choice of colors. They are also environmentally-friendly when compared with traditional liquid paints, since powder formulations are solvent-free and result in less waste during the application process.

Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings currently produces approximately 75,000 metric tons of powder coatings per year at seven plants in the US and Europe. These coatings are used in a wide range of applications including automotive components, aluminium profiles, furniture, appliances, sporting equipment, machinery and pipe. As the first Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings plant to open in Asia, the new plant will make a significant addition to this capacity.

"The new Shanghai plant represents an exciting new stage for our operations in Asia," says M. Reggie Horne, Vice President and Business Director for Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings. "Our presence in Shanghai will present us with many opportunities to maximize the full potential of Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings in China and provide a prompt and professional service to new and existing customers."

About Rohm and Haas Company

Rohm and Haas is a Philadelphia-based specialty materials company which makes products for the personal care, grocery, home and construction markets, and the electronics industry. The company had annual sales of approximately $7.3 billion in 2004 with operations in 27 countries.

About Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings

With over 40 years experience in powder coatings, Rohm and Haas is a leading global provider of high quality cost-effective powder finishing materials for a wide range of general industrial and specialized applications. This rich heritage brings a proud history of business integrity, batch-color consistency, customer care, innovation, and environmentally-friendly products. Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings serves the automotive, architectural, consumer durables, general metal finishing and industrial goods markets, with a choice of powder coatings suitable for applications as diverse as anti-graffiti surfaces in train stations, ceiling tiles in supermarkets, car wheels and trims and garden furniture. In addition, they are fast becoming architects' and interior designers' first choice when specifying colors and finishes to suit ever-changing fashions and trends. Thanks to the hard wearing, solvent-free ingredients and the wide choice of colors, powder coatings are a superior substitute for many wet paint finishes. Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings' products touch our lives all day, everyday.

Source: Rohm and Haas

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