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Rohm and Haas Deutschland GmbH Presents Fastrack Technology

Published on 2005-03-04. Author : SpecialChem

Rohm and Haas Deutschland GmbH (Frankfurt am Main), global leader in acrylic emulsion technology, has launched a new website for its European road marking technology, patented under the Fastrack brand. Part of the information on the Fastrack technology can be found at http://www.specialchem4coatings.com/tc/acrylic/index.aspx?id=traffic

The website is designed to highlight the new improved benefits of its high performance, pure acrylic water-based road marking technology, which the Company sees as at least equal to, and often superior in performance terms to solvent-based alternatives. Currently the European market is dominated by solvent-borne paints, a recognised source of harmful VOCs.

The Fastrack site draws attention to key benefits of this technology - superior durability, excellent ease of application, good surface adhesion, and importantly quick drying time. In addition, the site highlights the environmental advantages of high performance water-based acrylic emulsions. In total, the Company believes this solution offers superior value-for-money.

Karl Koob, Rohm and Haas Marketing Director for the Architectural Functional Coatings business unit in Europe, points out the need for change in European traffic paint systems.

"Pure acrylic water-based paints offer a socio-economically and environmentally responsible alternative to solvent-based paints. Europe leads the way in many areas in environmental care. But in road paint, we need to catch up with other regions - most notably the United States, where the almost total switch from solvent-based paints to water-based paints has happened over the past 10 years. Our belief is that it is a matter of time for the same trend to happen here - we want to be at the forefront of this change."

The Company predicts that the switch to water-based paints will accelerate rapidly in the immediate future.

Information on the Fastrack technology can be found at http://www.specialchem4coatings.com/tc/acrylic/index.aspx?id=traffic

About Rohm and Haas Company

Rohm and Haas is a worldwide producer of specialty materials, with more than 100 plants and research facilities in 27 countries and company sales of approximately $7 billion in 2004. Its chemistry is found today in personal care, health care, grocery, home and construction markets, in the power and electronics industry and thousands of everyday products.

The Coatings business group is the company's largest business unit, manufacturing a wide range of acrylic, acrylic-styrene and vinyl-acrylic binders, rheology modifiers, dispersants, opaque polymers, colorants and other products that are used in architectural and industrial paints, coatings and building products.

Source: Rohm Haas; SpecialChem

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