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Roctest Introduces the New SensCore System

Published on 2008-07-23. Author : SpecialChem

ST-LAMBERT, QC -- Roctest Ltd. "Group Roctest" has announced the immediate introduction of the new SensCore product line, dedicated to the monitoring of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures. The SensCore system is a wireless sensor network, designed to detect and predict the onset of steel corrosion in concrete. The system consists of sensors, dataloggers and a measurement hub that concentrates the data from several dataloggers and transmits it to a central database, where it can be accessed by the authorized users. The sensors are able to measure several parameters, which are critical to evaluate the present and future risk of rebar corrosion in concrete. In particular the corrosion current and the concrete humidity are measured at several depths between the concrete surface and the rebar depth, to analyze the progression of the corrosion front as well as evaluate the performance of hydrophobic coatings.

The sensors are extremely simple to deploy and can transmit their data wirelessly to the measurement hub, thus eliminating the need to install any wiring in the structure to be monitored. Because of its modular design, this system is adapted to structures of all sizes, from a small overpass to a long tunnel and can be installed in both new and existing structures. The SensCore system integrates seamlessly with all present Roctest, Télémac and SMARTEC product lines, based on electrical, vibrating wire or fiber optics technologies. It is therefore possible to combine several technologies in order to implement an optimal monitoring network for any type of structure, being it a bridge, a building, a tunnel, a dam or any other concrete structure. The SensCore System ties into Roctest's SDB database system, providing a unified display and interface to all monitoring data, regardless of the underlying sensing technologies.

The SensCore system has been developed in cooperation with a leading Swiss University and has already being deployed on tens of structures, including the I35 St. Antony Falls Bridge in Minneapolis recently instrumented by Roctest. "Corrosion is one of the leading concerns in reinforced concrete structures and often limits their durability" said Daniele Inaudi, Roctest's CTO, "it is therefore advantageous to complement the current monitoring strategies with a direct measurement of the corrosion progression".

"The SensCore system ideally expands our growing toolbox of sensing systems" added François Cordeau, Roctest's CEO, "further positioning our Company as the leading provider of Structural Health Monitoring solutions". The SensCore system will be distributed by Roctest, Télémac and SMARTEC.

About Roctest:

Roctest designs, manufactures and markets sensors and high-precision measuring instruments for the civil engineering, energy, healthcare and industrial control markets. The Company is recognized for its leading- edge technology, the quality of its technical expertise and its product development capabilities for challenging and demanding environments. Its products are mainly sold internationally. The shares of the Company are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol RTT.

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Source: Roctest Ltd.

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