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RockSolid Floors Offers Greener Garage Floor Coatings With New Polyurea One-Day DIY Kit

Published on 2009-04-17. Author : SpecialChem

RockSolid Floors Polyurea DIY Garage Floor Coating is the latest advancement in floor coating technology, providing the best of all worlds in the garage enhancement industry. Featuring greater durability and being four times stronger than epoxy floor paints, RockSolid Floors releases the first do-it-yourself, one-coat polyurea floor coating system on the market. It's impact-resistant to floor jacks, jack stands, and vehicle traffic. It's impervious to hot tire pick up. It's highly chemical-resistant to oil and even dot 3 brake fluids. Best of all, you get that durability and flexibility, packaged with a beautiful shine.

"Our DIY garage floor coating kit can be applied to any concrete floor, without hiring professionals, and in just a few hours," says Patrick Ilfrey, president of RockSolid Floors. "DIY projects give homeowners the ability to improve or increase their living space and value of their homes. Our polyurea garage floor coating kit not only allows them to complete a garage floor improvement in just a few hours, unlike epoxy floor paints, but also offers the option in a more environmentally safe way."

The new RockSolid Floors DIY one-day system features zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) unlike other garage floor coating products. This not only means it is free from regulations limiting its shipment and use in various states, but also that it doesn't include harsh solvents that are dangerous to the environment. The lack of VOCs also means that customers won't have to worry about overpowering fumes or odors in their work area, making the polyurea floor coating system ideal for indoor installations.

In addition to safety, this one-of-a-kind polyurea one-day garage floor coating offers several functional benefits over the more common epoxy floor paints including:

  • 198% elongation, making it more flexible than epoxy paints (won't crack and peel with natural concrete movement)
  • Four times stronger than epoxy floor paint
  • Fade and stain resistance (no UV fading, or staining from oil or other chemical spills)
  • No hot tire pickup (the floor will look as it did the day it was installed for years)

"While the RockSolid Floors one-day DIY floor coating may be a new product, we're not new to polyurea floor coatings," says Ilfrey. "In fact, these kits contain the same polyurea we manufacture through Citadel Floor Finishing Systems for the most demanding industrial and commercial applications. The only difference is that we adjusted the cure rate to give home owners and other DIY installers additional time to roll out the product. The benefits of polyurea over epoxy floor paints don't come cheap. Because we are able to mass-produce the product for our kits due to our commercial operations, we're able to make polyurea not only more affordable, but truly competitive with epoxy products."

This new type of floor coating can be applied to garages, basements, foyers, laundry rooms, workshops, and more. It's environmentally friendly and non-toxic, also making it safe for playrooms, kitchens, and other heavily frequented areas of the home. While one-day DIY polyurea garage floor coatings are new to the market, if customers are familiar with spray-on truck bed liners then they're already familiar with polyurea.

"This product can hold up against the demands of airplane hangers," says Ilfrey. "Resisting damage from things like the steel wheels of floor jacks is a breeze in comparison. When a floor is coated with our DIY polyurea system, the results are made to last."

About RockSolid Floors:

Rock Solid Floors is an affiliate company of Citadel Flooring Systems, launched in January 2008. Citadel Flooring Systems is the leader in one-day Polyurea garage floor installations. Their revolutionary and patented polyurea floor coating system is changing the face of garage improvement, as the only do-it-yourself polyurea garage floor coating on the market. The company headquarters are located in Blaine, MN.

Source: RockSolid Floors

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