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Rhodia on the Path Toward Growth

Published on 2010-10-07. Author : SpecialChem

PARIS -- Embarked on the path toward growth, Rhodia unveiled its new ambition for 2013-2015.

"Our ambition is to turn Rhodia into a champion of profitable and responsible growth. We aim at generating a yearly EBITDA (excluding carbon credits) greater than one billion euros within the next three to five years. This represents a growth of around 40% compared to 2010 expectations", said Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Chairman and CEO of Rhodia.

This growth ambition is focused on three key drivers:

  • Organic growth in promising business areas and markets,
  • Innovation on products and industrial processes, committed to sustainable development,
  • External growth following the example of the acquisition of Feixiang Chemicals announced in June earlier this year.

Moreover, this ambition will draw on Rhodia's key strengths:

  • A distinctive positioning in sustainability enhancing chemical solutions,
  • A long-lasting presence in fast-growing countries,
  • The quality and the commitment of teams, as well as a culture of continuous improvement toward operational excellence,
  • A set of common values as embodied by Rhodia Way, Rhodia's reference framework in the area of social and environmental responsibility.

From six "Enterprises" to eleven "Global Business Units," all leaders in their respective markets

"We must foster responsiveness and entrepreneurial spirit to achieve our growth ambition. This leads us to adjust and simplify our organization with a view to make Global Business Units more responsible and more agile, while maintaining the Group's unity", explained Jean-Pierre Clamadieu.

With dedicated resources and greater operational autonomy, the eleven new GBUs are closer to their markets and customers:

  • Acetow, headed by Gerard Collette, is a global producer of filter tow for making cigarette filters
  • Aroma Performance, headed by Dominique Rage, produces aromas for the food market and intermediates for the perfumery, agro-food, electronics and life sciences markets.
  • Coatis, headed by Vincent Kamel, develops oxygenated solvents and manufactures specifically for the Latin American market phenol-based products and derivatives
  • Eco Services, headed by James Harton, is specialized in sulfuric acid production and regeneration services provided to oil refiners in North America
  • Energy Services, headed by Philippe Rosier, is specialized in energy management services and the development of "climate care" solutions
  • Engineering Plastics, headed by Fran├žois Hincker, offers polyamide-based high-performance engineering plastics to the automotive, electrical and electronic, sportswear and leisure markets
  • Fibras, headed by Marcos de Marchi, develops polyamide-based yarns for the Latin American market
  • Novecare, headed by Emmanuel Butstraen, develops specialty surfactants and polymer-based solutions for the cosmetics, detergents, agrochemicals, coatings, oilfield and industrial applications markets
  • Polyamide & Intermediates, headed by Martin Laudenbach, produces intermediates and polymers of the Polyamide 6.6 value chain
  • Rare Earth Systems, headed by Du Hua, provides rare earth-based formulations for automotive catalysis, lighting and polishing
  • Silica, headed by Tom Benner, provides high performance silicas to global tire makers More than the half of these GBUs are headquartered out of France (two in Brazil, two in the United States, one in China and one in Germany).

A streamlined Executive Committee

To drive the Group's strategy and supervise the GBUs and Functions, Jean-Pierre Clamadieu is assisted by three executive vice-presidents:

  • Gilles Auffret, Chief Operating Officer
  • Pascal Bouchiat, Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Pascal Juéry, Executive Vice-President.

The Executive Committee is supported by a highly international Management Committee comprised of the heads of the Global Business Units, central functions, and geographical zones.

Jean-Pierre Clamadieu further indicated during this announcement that "The Group continues to benefit from the strong market momentum enjoyed in the first two quarters of the year and which allowed Rhodia to generate record level of profitability".

About Rhodia:

Rhodia is an international chemical company resolutely committed to sustainable development. As a leader in its businesses, the Group aims to improve its customers' performance through the pursuit of operational excellence and its ability to innovate. Structured around eleven Enterprises, Rhodia is the partner of major players in the automotive, electronics, flavors and fragrances, health, personal and home care markets, consumer goods and industrial markets. The Group employs around 13,600 people worldwide and generated sales of €4.03 billion in 2009. Rhodia is listed on Euronext Paris.

Source: Rhodia

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