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Researchers Successfully Synthesized TiO2 Nanocoatings Possessing Hydrophilic Self-cleaning Properties

Published on 2011-02-24. Author : SpecialChem

TEHRAN (INIC) -- A group of Iranian researchers at Shiraz University and Malek Ashtar University in Isfahan in cooperation with colleagues from Hokkaido University, Japan, managed to synthesize titanium dioxide nanocoatings possessing hydrophilic self-cleaning properties at ultra-violet-free places.

Although titanium dioxide films are used as hydrophilic self-cleaning nanocoatings on glass surfaces, they lose these properties at ultra-violet-free places.

"We managed to improve the hydrophilic properties of titanium dioxide at dark and ultra-violet-free places which find applications in optical devices. We also produced nanocomposite coatings and self-cleaning coatings for applications in water treatment and construction respectively", Dr. Akbar Eshaqi, faculty member at Malek Ashtar University of Technology, said in an interview with the INIC news service.

The researchers first prepared titanium dioxide cells, silica and indium oxide separately and then mixed together at different ratios. After that, they did layer deposition by means of submerge method, dried resulting layers and calcinated them.

In the next step, they first produced titanium dioxide cell and then added titanium dioxide nanoparticles at different concentrations to the prepared cell and finally obtained nanocomposite coatings.

Noting that "the samples of glasses required by Isfahan optic industry have been layer-deposited by now", he said, "These nanocoatings have more hydrophilic efficiency than those produced in previous researches especially in dark places."

He expresses the hope that he would be able to conduct this research in the field of water treatment if any agreements are reached during negotiations with Water and Wastewater Organization of Iran.

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