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RELIUS Expands its Position in the Architectural Coat-ings Sector

Published on 2009-10-30. Author : SpecialChem

OLDENBURG -- RELIUS, a unit of BASF's Coatings Division, will continue to expand its position in the architectural coatings sector. "With our long-term strategy, we have laid the foundation for a stronger presence and market success in Europe," RELIUS Managing Director Martin Wulle stated at the opening of the new RELIUS Service Center (RSC) in Oldenburg. The current business development has made the RELIUS team even stronger. "Despite the crisis year of 2009, we have done an outstanding job compared to our competition," Wulle said. Measures such as focusing on professional painters and paint supply dealers, as well as the successful launch of new products are some of the major milestones.

"Our strategy to succeed features three key factors: our close involvement in the BASF Group's global construction coatings business and our work together on joint projects, complemented by the fact that the Suvinil premium brand is the market leader in Brazil," Wulle added. For Wulle, one thing is certain: "Our success factors are clearly defined in our strategy and are implemented consistently. With the RELIUS service centers, we have optimized our distribution, and our product and system innovations have put us in an excellent position to deal with the competition."

The new RELIUS service centers are visible "beacons" of the RELIUS strategy. They all share the same concept: easily accessible, with lots of parking, a pick-up area for trucks and vans, as well as a clearly structured interior area. This makes them an optimum location for the target group of professional painters in terms of logistics, pick-up and advice.

Presentation of the new RELIUS products: Metallic renders and Acrylor facade paints

RELIUS is also well equipped with its new products, which complement the previous portfolio very well. Metallic renders and Acrylor facade paints are products that RELIUS is convinced will be hits on the market.

Metallic renders - brilliant times for interiors

Whether they appear on furniture, drapes or walls, metallic accents are all the rage and are currently the topic when it comes to interior decorating. With the new metallic renders from RELIUS, professional users can provide rooms with a high-quality and individual character. RELIUS Metallics is a synthetic resin-bonded interior render with a visible grain structure. It is suitable for all substrates used for interiors. The special metallic effect gives every room a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The new render is available in seven different color nuances: Aluminum, Anthracite, Bronze, Cream, Copper, Red and White.

A plus for every facade - Acrylor facade paints

One thing is crucial for the first impression of a house: the facade. But just looking good isn't enough. It also needs to be protected in an attractive manner. RELIUS Acrylor facade paints combine both aspects perfectly, with good value for money to boot. RELIUS Acrylor facade paints are extremely versatile, are easy to apply and come in a practically unlimited number of colors. Acrylor facade paints include Acrylor NanoTech, Acrylor Classics and Acrylor Compact. Acrylor NanoTech (100% pure acrylate) is the top premium-class facade paint for new buildings and renovation projects. The color is ideally suited for use in geographic regions with a high degree of environmental pollution, a high risk of biological contamination and demanding climatic conditions. Nanostructured metal oxide particles make it highly resistant to pollution and lend it optimum light fastness and highly improved biostatic properties. On top of that, it also features outstanding color fastness in the entire color space of mineral and organic color pigments. Even in brilliant hues, the color of the paint has a high level of color stability. Acrylor NanoTech is available in 3- and 12.5-liter containers.

Acrylor Classic is the universal paint for building and renovation - from single-family homes to large-scale projects. Acrylor Classic is resistant to driving rain, moisture-vapor permeable and weather resistant and is ideal for even, continuous surfaces. It is available in 0.75-, 3-, 10- and 12.5-liter containers.

Acrylor Compact is the compact facade paint for economical coating during renovation. The paint is highly filling and equalizes the surface texture. In addition, it is low tension, moisture-vapor permeable and alkali resistant. It is available in 3- and 12.5-liter containers.

Coatings Solutions:

These two words get right to the heart of business competence. Our ability to develop intelligent solutions makes our customers' products better. The companies of the RELIUS Group are part of BASF Coatings, division which has a leading position in the international paints and coatings industry. BASF Coatings develops, produces and markets a high-quality range of innovative automotive OEM coatings, automotive refinishes and industrial coatings as well as decorative paints. RELIUS and SUVINIL stand for strong brands in the paints and coatings sector in the regions of Europe and respectively in South America.

Source: BASF

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