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Reichhold Exhibits at the 2010 American Coatings Show and Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina

Published on 2010-05-14. Author : SpecialChem

With 328 exhibitors from 17 countries and approximately 6,700 participants, the second edition of the American Coatings Show and Conference was a great success as the highlight event of the North American paint and coatings industry. The trade show and conference, held April 12-15, 2010 at the Charlotte Convention Center, North Carolina, once again exceeded the industry's expectations.

Reichhold's overall theme for the ACS show was "Performance and Compliance" for both architectural and industrial products. Our 1200 sq. ft. (111 sq. m.) booth displayed Reichhold's commitment to meeting the needs of the ever-changing North American coatings market through product innovation and environmental responsibility.

At the show, two new BECKOSOL AQ® products were launched: BECKOSOL AQ® 206, a color stable alkyd latex resin for high gloss enamels and BECKOSOL AQ® 210, an environmentally-friendly and cost effective alkyd latex resin designed for metal primers. Both additions to the BECKOSOL AQ family of alkyd latex resins were exciting developments that brought in substantial booth traffic.

Reichhold's newest AROFLINT® two component polyester-epoxy system was also highlighted at the show. AROFLINT® 810, a faster curing version of the successful AROFLINT® 91-314 acid functional polyester, was introduced. When used in combination with AROFLINT® 608 oxirane-modified ester (introduced in 2008), this non-isocyanate system provides performance comparable to urethanes without the potential health risks associated with handling isocyanates.

On the oil modified urethane side, Reichhold launched two new compliant resins. UROTUF® F90-E3M-55 is a solventborne oil modified urethane supplied in exempt solvent, which allows customers to meet 350 g/L regulations for wood floor finishes. UROTUF® F101-MPW-45 is a breakthrough higher solids version of UROTUF® F97-MPW-33, Reichhold's best selling waterborne oil modified urethane. Varnishes based on UROTUF® F101-MPW-45 give the same performance with fewer numbers of coats.

On the morning of April 14, Reichhold hosted a customer breakfast where Chairman, President and CEO John Gaither expressed Reichhold's appreciation for our valuable customers. In Mr. Gaither's address, he highlighted Reichhold's three core values; 1) Operate ethically and legally, 2) Create value for our customers and 3) Keep the company intact. He also emphasized Reichhold's commitment to supplying novel technology and superior quality products. John stated: "I was very pleased with the show and particularly with all of the positive buzz about BECKOSOL AQ®."

A distributor breakfast and awards ceremony was held immediately following the customer event and Reichhold's distributors were re-aligned with our commercial strategy. At this session, successful performers from 2009 were recognized for their achievements and contributions to growing Reichhold's business.

Along with the booth, Reichhold gave two presentations during the Show's "Product Spotlights". Jeff Danneman presented "Alkyd Latex for Metal", which showcased BECKOSOL AQ® 210 for use on metal. Dr. Jamie Dziczkowski presented "Compliant Wood Finishes" which showcased exciting new developments in urethane chemistry for wood applications.

Carl Sullivan, Vice President Commercial-Coatings stated: "This year's show was clearly a huge success. In light of the ongoing moving targets for VOC compliance, we experienced a great deal of interest in the BECKOSOL AQ technology platform for ultra-low VOC coating systems. Likewise, innovations in our UROTUF urethanes and AROFLINT non-isocyante coating systems attracted unprecedented levels of interest."

The American Coatings Conference, which was held April 12 to April 14, featured almost 100 presentations and other technical events. With 958 registered participants from 40 countries, the conference garnered significantly more attendees than the 2008 conference. Included in this prestigious conference was a paper by Dr. Jamie Dziczkowski titled "Tailored Synthesis of Alkyd Emulsions for Improved Film Performance". Dr. Dziczkowski's paper was a huge success, drawing interested conference attendees into Reichhold's booth to learn more about the BECKOSOL AQ product line.

The American Coatings Show & Conference is organized by the American Coatings Association, Washington DC, and Vincentz Network, Hannover / Germany, and run by Nürnberg Messe North America based in Atlanta, GA. The next show will be held May 7-10, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Source: Reichhold

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