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Record Brand Awareness for Ripolin

Published on 2004-03-02. Author : SpecialChem

The French DIY brand Ripolin has achieved a record performance, according to a recent brand awareness study.

Ripolin received 17th for top-of-the-mind awareness of the brand on the French DIY market. This means that 17% of the respondents mentioned Ripolin as first brand during this study. Last year, this was only 13%. In addition, total spontaneous awareness and global awareness followed this upward trend, with 35% of the respondents compared to 31% and 76% of the respondents compared to 72% respectively.

This represents record awareness levels for the brand since the first studies were carried out in July 1993.The Ripolin brand now places second in the market in terms of brand awareness levels. Its position is only surpassed by the leading brand, Valentine, and is leading all of its competitors.

There have been many positive changes to the brand image. Today, consumers perceive Ripolin as a brand that:

offers a wide range of colours: 48% compared to 38% for the previous year;

is modern, 32% compared to 23% for the previous year;

offers products that are easy to apply: 40% compared to 32% for the previous year;

produces high quality paint: 40% compared to 35% for the previous year;

offers rapidly drying paint: 35% compared to 29% for the previous year;

offers products that can be applied in a single coat: 32% compared to 21% for the previous year;

makes you feel like painting: 29% compared to 20% for the previous year;

offers odourless paint: 28% compared to 21% for the previous year.

These represent significant changes compared to the previous year and place the brand in the second position on a national level in terms of its image with regards to the above criteria.

Source: SigmaKalon

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