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R-M Signs on European Champion Gerd Müller, Scoring a Coup

Published on 2009-03-20. Author : SpecialChem

DORTMUND -- R-M, a BASF Coatings' paint brand, has achieved a spectacular coup by signing on Gerd Müller, the European airbrush champion. Of course, for German sports fans, the name Gerd Müller is generally associated with the former star striker on the German national soccer team and the Bayern Munich soccer club. While airbrush champion Gerd Müller is no relation, the spraypainting master certainly has plenty of fans of his own. He will be sharing his expertise in all aspects of CARIZZMA premium paint finish as part of expert seminars for R-M customers.

Müller will be teaching the participants in the expert seminars how to use complex airbrush techniques. Now a true star on the airbrush scene, Müller used his very first airbrush spraygun over 20 years ago. "Thanks to my work with the U.S. airbrusher Mike Goldman, numerous training courses and intense work, I became successful pretty quickly," Müller said. At his airbrush studio Luftpinsel (German for "airbrush") in Maberzell, Germany, he offers training courses and carries out custom painting orders. His studio is equipped with 12 workbays and an air compressor. Müller earned the title of European airbrush champion in 2006 by airbrushing a Harley Davidson, decorating the black motorcycle with a so-called ghost brush. The design includes elements from the aeronautical technology used for spaceships.

The expert seminars held by Gerd Müller feature custom painting and are the third and final part of R-M's CARIZZMA training concept. In the basic seminar, the spraypainters are introduced to R-M's ONYX HD waterborne paint system. CARIZZMA, with its four powders and seven dyes, is based on this waterborne paint system. In addition, the participants learn basic application techniques in the area of custom refinishing, such as "Burled wood root," "Marble" and the plastic film technique.

The seminar for advanced users focuses on planning and offers tips for creative designs and techniques for complex designs such as "Flaming," "Real Flames" and "Ghost Flames." In the expert seminars with Müller, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. Custom painting experts will share and demonstrate tips and tricks so that even the wildest dreams can be expressed through airbrushing.

Karl-Heinz Edinger, head of Sales for R-M Germany, said, "We support our bodyshops in a wide range of areas. These seminars allow them to expand their range of services through custom painting, adding a creative, artistic dimension to their work."

Source: BASF

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