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PURE Bioscience Granted Patent for Anhydrous SDC

Published on 2010-06-15. Author : SpecialChem

SAN DIEGO -- PURE Bioscience announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued patent number 7,732,486, which covers PURE's anhydrous silver dihydrogen citrate technology.

Michael L. Krall, President and CEO of PURE Bioscience, stated, "While anhydrous, or dry crystal SDC is more expensive to manufacture, it presents advantages and efficiencies in particular applications. We have optimized manufacturing processes for multiple anhydrous forms of SDC and are optimistic about their commercial viability in diverse markets for a variety of applications including coatings, plastics, latex, polymers, textiles, bandages and other wound care applications as well as general disinfection applications for which a water-based product is too bulky to store or too expensive to ship. We continue to build our patent portfolio, both in the US and abroad, to fully protect the numerous potential uses for SDC."

PURE also owns all six previously granted US patents related to the SDC technology: US Patent 6,197,814 (2001) for the SDC disinfectant and method of its making, Patent 6,583,176 (2003) covering the combination of SDC and alcohol as a disinfectant, Patents 6,890,953 (2005) and 7,601,755 (2009)covering treating water with SDC, Patent 7,261,905 (2007) covering PURE's process of manufacturing complexes of electrolytically generated stabilized ionic silver with various organic acids, and Patent 7,435,438 (2008) covering PURE's process for treating consumable food products with SDC to reduce or eliminate microbial contamination. PURE also has numerous other patent applications pending in the US, including, among others, coverage of SDC in medical, personal care and preservative applications, as well as coverage of SDC in combination with traditional chemical disinfectants. In addition, patents have issued or are pending for PURE's SDC technology in approximately 70 countries.

About PURE Bioscience:

PURE Bioscience develops and markets technology-based bioscience products that provide solutions to numerous global health challenges, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), or staph infection. PURE's proprietary high efficacy/low toxicity bioscience technologies, including its silver dihydrogen citrate-based antimicrobials, represent innovative advances in diverse markets and lead today's global trend toward industry and consumer use of "green" products while providing competitive advantages in efficacy and safety. Patented SDC is an electrolytically generated source of stabilized ionic silver which formulates well with other compounds. As a platform technology, SDC is distinguished from competitors in the marketplace because of its superior efficacy, reduced toxicity and the inability of bacteria to form a resistance to it. PURE is headquartered in El Cajon, California (San Diego metropolitan area).

Source: PURE Bioscience

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