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"Profit-Manager" Software Offers Bodyshops Optimum Color and Material Management and Precise Job Costing

Published on 2008-12-05. Author : SpecialChem

MÜNSTER -- With more than 8,000 installations in 30 different languages, Glasurit's Profit-Manager is a true success story. The software by Glasurit, a BASF Coatings paint brand, supports bodyshops throughout the world in streamlining and accelerating their workflows. Its features help with all aspects of color and material management and allow precise cost calculation. "With our Profit-Manager, bodyshops can precisely control and manage every step of the refinish process. Since it was introduced in 2003, the program has proved that it can stand up to a wide range of market and bodyshop conditions," explained Frank Kawurek of Marketing Services for BASF Coatings' automotive refinish products.

Within a matter of minutes, Profit-Manager can find the matching color for a car that needs to be repaired. The bodyshop employee simply has to enter the make, model, year and main color in a search screen, and the program displays the possible colors. In addition, the spraypainter is provided information on the amount of paint required for a particular spot that needs to be repaired and which basic colors need to be mixed for the color. Profit-Manager can also be used with standard scales to precisely control the weighing in of various paint colors.

Three different comprehensive software packages

The software is available in three versions: "Profit-Manager PRO," "Profit-Manger" and "Profit-Manager starter." The most extensive version is Profit-Manager PRO. Its features include order processing, cost and margin calculation and inventory management. In addition, Profit-Manager PRO includes all the features offered by Profit-Manager, the slightly "lighter" version of the software. These include color search, suggested quantities, weighing in and technical and material safety data sheets. The functions associated with all aspects of the mixing process are included in both versions. The smallest version, Profit-Manager starter, is especially well-suited for small bodyshops. It is also chock full of features that make your work in the bodyshop easier, from computer-supported color management to label printing.

BASF Coatings experts are available to offer customers advice in selecting the right Profit-Manager software package. All three versions are easy to install and operate. If needed, the experts from BASF Coatings can also help with installation and train bodyshop staff to use the program.

Source: BASF

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