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Professional Coating Technology, Inc. Annual Financial Report

Published on 2005-01-11. Author : SpecialChem

CEDAR HILL, Texas -- Professional Coating Technology, Inc. (PCT) recorded a revenue increase of nearly 20% for 2004, according to Flavio Garcia, the Controller for Professional Coating Technology, Inc. The percentage is more than double the increase expected earlier in the year Garcia, stated, "This appears to be the start of a rapid growth cycle for the company. In 2005 PCT is bringing on three newly negotiated contracts with three major pipe foundries that should add nearly 58% in gross sales to the company's 2005 PNL."

Garcia also noted that, "Most of our revenue growth is associated with an increase in demand for our earth- friendly low VOC pipe coatings, but we also anticipate a sizeable increase in our pavement coatings products as well." "Our Pavement Division growth is difficult to estimate due to the impact of inclement weather conditions, but we are getting many new inquiries about our unique high performance road products from cities and counties. Our major increases will be from the growing demands of our existing customers."

Garcia says, "Right now the company is forecasting sales that significantly outperform 2004 sales, and from the number of new customer inquiries for 2005, the 58% increase could prove conservative." Mr. Garcia concluded saying, "We have been blessed with far more business than we anticipated."

Professional Coating Technology, Inc. (PCT), is an earth friendly "water base" emulsion manufacturing company dedicated to supplying the pavement needs to Cities, Counties and States, and also to the related business of industrial coatings "paint" to the piping industry.

Source: Professional Coating Technology, Inc.

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