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Preservation Sciences and Freecom, Inc. Announce Successful Testing of CeRam-Kote and MM 818/10

Published on 2005-04-27. Author : SpecialChem

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Preservation Sciences, Inc. (Pink Sheets:PSVI - News), a research and development company that manufactures and markets anti-corrosion and industrial preservative technologies, announced the successful certification of its MM 818/10 product with Freecom Inc.'s coating system, CeRam-Kote. This is a significant milestone because it is the first coatings company to certify the MM 818/10 product under its coating.

Freecom, Inc. has completed testing of the CeRam-Kote protective coating material with MM 818/10 under its coating system. John Freeman, Chairman and Founder of Freecom, Inc., states that, "I was very impressed with the MM 818/10 product. Our company has now certified the use of MM 818/10 with our coatings."

Gary Harrison, Chairman and CEO of Preservation Sciences, Inc., stated that, "Our team was impressed with the labor savings of the CeRam-Kote coatings. I am impressed by the strength of the adhesion of these coatings. The certification with ASTM standards of MM 818/10 by both the U.S. Navy, and Freecom, Inc. allows us to go to market with this product."

Mr. Harrison further said that, "CeRam-Kote coatings are applied directly to metal without a primer; and using MM 818/10 further reduces surface preparation costs."

Mr. Freeman further stated, "The MM 818/10, rust inhibitor had no negative impact on the CeRam-Kote coatings. MM 818/10 with CeRam-Kote passed a series of ASTM tests including the B117 salt fog test, the D4541 ASTM test for adhesion, and the D2794 ASTM impact resistance test."

Mr. Freeman said that, "Salt and chlorides are a big problem in the coating industry. One of the reasons we were very interested in testing this product is that it removes salts and chlorides, and it also stops flash rust. This is very important to my customers that are applying coatings to ships, bridges and oil rigs."

About Preservation Sciences, Inc.

Preservation Sciences, Inc. is a company that researches, manufactures and markets preservative products for the food, beverage and industrial coating markets.

About Freecom, Inc.

Freecom, Inc. is a company that manufactures high performance ceramic/epoxy coating systems designed to provide superior corrosion control and abrasion protection to expensive equipment, fixed and mobile structures in a variety of industries.

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Source: Preservation Sciences, Inc.

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