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PolyU’s Multi-functional Nano-coating for Glass Wins Award

Published on 2017-05-29. Author : SpecialChem

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has brought glory to Hong Kong by winning three Global Innovation Awards at the TechConnect World Conference and Expo 2017 (TechConnect World). It is the first time for a Hong Kong higher education institution to receive the award. PolyU is also the only awardee from Hong Kong.

Global Innovation Awards

PolyU Award
PolyU Wins Award for Multi-functional Nano-coating for Glass

The annual TechConnect World held in the US aims for supporting the development and commercialization of innovations. For years, it has been providing an international platform for research laboratories and universities to exchange and collaborate with the industry sector, and has become the largest multi-sector signature event of its kind in the world. This year, the event gathers more than 4,000 technology innovators, ventures, industrial partners and investors from over 70 countries.

The three winning innovations of PolyU are -
  • Multi-functional nano-coating for glass — Dr Lin LU, Associate Professor, Department of Building Services Engineering
  • Passive anti-vibration structures — Dr JING Xingjian, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Personalised energy saving thermal-comfort platform — Dr WANG Dan, Associate Professor, Department of Computing

Dr Terence LAU, Director of Innovation and Technology Development of PolyU, said the University has been putting great efforts in developing high-impact research for coping with the changing and unmet needs of the society. "We aim at applying our research findings, through knowledge transfer, to make the world a better place for mankind and to benefit our society. The TechConnect Innovation Awards are certainly a recognition for our research efforts and achievements, and serve as a shot in the arm for our research faculty members."

Opportunity to Collaborate with MNCs

The "multi-functional nano-coating for glass" project conducted by Dr Lin LU has received keen responses from renowned multinational companies which indicated intention for collaborating with PolyU in further research and project development. In their meeting with PolyU delegates, many corporation leaders indicated that collaborating with institutions that develop cutting-edge technologies is an integral part of their innovation strategy. They believed that combining PolyU's unique technologies with corporations' global market access would help generate mutual benefits in the future.

Multi-functional Nano-coating for Glass

With large amount of outdoor near-infrared light transmitting through windows, drawing indoor temperature rise, many buildings in Hong Kong suffer from high-cost air-conditioning. In recent years, there were also repeated fatal accidents arising from cleaning windows in high-rises.

Super-Hydrophilic Self-Cleaning Coating

The novel multi-functional transparent nano-coating for glass developed by PolyU researchers can help address the two problems at the same time. The super-hydrophilic self-cleaning coating has thermal insulation and photocatalysis properties. Besides blocking over 90% of near-infrared light and 99% ultra-violet light, the coating can also break down organic pollutants.

The highly cost-efficient coating can be widely used in building glass curtains (including shopping malls, offices), aircrafts etc. It is developed mainly with nanoscale TiO2 and Cesium Tungsten Bronze mixture particles. The two materials are synthesized respectively by low-cost hydrothermal method and high-temperature calcination technique.

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Source: PolyU
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