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PolyShield Expands its Range of Eco-friendly Anti-reflective, Anti-glare Coatings and more

Published on 2014-01-16. Author : SpecialChem

PICKERINGTON, OH -- PolyShield has expanded their lines of polymer film, biopolymer films, pressure sensitive adhesives, anti-reflective coating, anti-glare coatings, and more to fulfill various business needs.

PolyShield has a unique specialty. Integrating polymer and biopolymer thin films with adhesives, hard coatings, die cutting, printing, kitting, assembly, and packaging. The company brings together component sub-processes, various products, and multiple systems into one smooth operating system. PolyShield adds value by maximizing profit while minimizing cost and risk for its customers.

PolyShield offers high quality self-wetting adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives that are optically clear and can be used in many different applications. The company integrates adhesives with products and or packaging to meet its customer’s needs.

PolyShield has a wide variety of polymer and biopolymer films including abrasion resistant film, chemical resistant film, and optical graded film. No matter what a company needs, PolyShield likely has the solution. One of PolyShield’s leading products are screen protectors and their ability to laminate films in either rolls or sheets, allowing the flexibility to handle anything your project calls for.

The company has screen protectors for many different electronic devices including cell phones, digital cameras, tablets, and POS devices. The screen protectors are available in Premium Clear, Anti-Glare, and Anti-Reflective and are biodegradable. The protectors are very easy to install and remove without leaving behind any residue. Once removed, they can be reinstalled as well. The screen protectors are coated to resist gouges, scratches, and most chemicals. They are made of optical grade film to enhance the color and produce a sharper image.

PolyShield offers a variety of films and services to help companies with all of their polymer and biopolymer needs.

About PolyShield

PolyShield is an integrator and manufacturer which specializes in bringing together the component sub-processes, products and systems into one system. They work together with technical product development group to assist in developing or improving products as well as producing and providing market ready products.

Source: PolyShield

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