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Platinum Research Organization Announces New Product Initiatives

Published on 2006-12-11. Author : SpecialChem

DALLAS -- Platinum Research Organization, Inc. (OTCBB:PLRO - News), a leader in the commercialization of patented, high-performance lubricants and coatings targeting the automotive, aviation, industrial and consumer aftermarket, announced an increase in efforts for the development of the company's pipeline of new product concepts. Targeting such areas as mold release, anti-corrosion coatings and micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS), Platinum Research Organization (PRO) has identified a range of new commercial coating initiatives.

However, clarification regarding information distributed at an earlier date, there has not been additional funding received by PRO for new product development.

The PRO product initiatives are headed by Drs. Pranesh Aswath from the Material Science and Engineering College and Ron Elsenbaumer, Vice President of Research, from The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). "While several of these projects have been under development for several months," said Dr. Aswath, "a few of the projects are ready for field testing by other leading, independent consulting agencies."

"PRO is streamlined to develop revolutionary high-performance products that will replace the chemistry used in many of the industry's old line lubricants and coatings," said Cork Jaeger, president and chief executive officer of PRO. "We have the funding and the premier research team in place to bring forward for market consideration a range of product offerings for many of industry's most pressing lubricant and coating challenges. At PRO, our job is to identify key industry problems, then work to develop new and innovative product solutions which bring value to our customers."

In January, the PRO team also begins efforts on three other new product areas: a mold release agent, an anti-fouling paint/anti-corrosion coating, and a micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) applications. According to Dr. Aswath, he and his associates plan to functionalize the patented PRO chemistry into a mold release agent to facilitate the easy removal of parts from die-casting, rubber forming, composite manufacture and similar applications.

Anti-fouling paints and coating products have a large number of applications ranging from graffiti-free paint to anti-corrosion treatments for marine and aircraft equipment. PRO also is developing a product to prevent graffiti and other fouling media - including organic material - from adhering to a protected surface.

"One of the most innovative projects launched by PRO is a new lubricant designed for micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) applications," said Dr. Aswath. "This state-of-the-art silicon lithography-based technology is challenging because most of this futuristic-type equipment are designed around closed systems that can only be lubricated at the time of manufacture. Since oil-based lubricants are not practical for use in super clean, vacuum applications, new lubricants must be developed for the aerospace, medical and automotive industries."

"We are excited at the progress we are making on new product development," Jaeger said. "Our goal is to transform some of the world's most commonly used compounds into more efficient, better performing and environmentally friendly products. With the test results we are starting to see, I am optimistic that new PRO product technology will satisfy the demands of the lubricant and coatings market today and for years to come."

About Platinum Research Organization, Inc.

Platinum Research Organization, Inc., formed in 1996, is a leader in the design and commercialization of patented, high-performance lubricants and coatings that target the automotive, aviation, industrial and consumer aftermarket. The company's proprietary formulations and processes are protected by four U.S. patents, five U.S. patent applications, three continuation-in-art applications and several trade secrets. The company is based in Dallas.

Source: Platinum Research Organization, Inc.

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