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Pishgaman Fanavari Asia Company's Traffic Nanopaints Finds Use in Iran's Longest Tunnel

Published on 2013-02-26. Author : SpecialChem

TEHRAN (INIC) -- The municipality of Tehran used traffic nanopaints produced by Pishgaman Fanavari Asia Company on the surface of the passages in Niyayesh Tunnel, the longest tunnel in Iran.

With a length of more than 10 km, Niyayesh Tunnel was inaugurated on February 16, 2013.

In an interview with Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council's reporter, CEO of Pishgaman Fanavari Asia Company Sajjad Dibayee Asl stated that the experience of the Municipality of Tehran in using traffic nanopaints in various projects and the advantages of nanopaints over other types of paints were the main reasons for the application of such nanopaints in Niyayesh Tunnel.

According to Dibayee Asl, over 5 tons of nanopaints have been used in the painting of the northern lanes in Niyayesh Tunnel due to their high resistance against chemical pollutants and also due to their desirable light reflection.

In comparison to ordinary paints, single and double part cold traffic nanopaints made by this company have higher lifetime, and they have applications in painting civil traffic lines, pedestrian lines, warning lines, and street blocks. The municipalities of Orumiyeh, Torbat Heidariyeh, Tehran, and Mahshahr Port have so far used these nanopaints in their projects.

About INIC

Iran has recognized the significance of nanotechnology like other pioneering countries and started its activities in line with development of the technology. In this regard and as first step, a Study Committee for Nanotechnology in Iran began its activities in 2001 and finally Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) was established in the country in 2003.The INIC is tasked with determining the general policies for the development of nanotechnology in the country and pursuing the case with implementation of the policies.

Iran's success in achieving a proper place among 15 countries which are advanced in nanotechnology and making attempt to promote the position in a bid to develop Iran's economy are the main missions of the INIC. Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council is seeking to pave the ground for activity of the private sector and production of wealth within the society through adopting outlook, providing facilities, creating market and removing the existing problems.

Source: INIC

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