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Pioneering Sustainable Change with DAOTAN® Polyurethane Dispersion Resins

Published on 2010-07-01. Author : SpecialChem

BRUSSELS -- Cytec Industries Inc., a technology leader in Liquid Coating Resins and Additives, presents an innovative system of two polyurethane dispersion resins - DAOTAN® TW 6440 and DAOTAN® TW 6493.

DAOTAN TW 6440 polyurethane dispersion resin and DAOTAN TW 6493 polyurethane dispersion resin have been created in order to meet the needs of the wood industry for environmentally friendly products with high performance requirements. They are particularly well suited for wood flooring, furniture and kitchen cabinets. Both polyurethane dispersions enable the formulation of low VOC coatings, which are replacing solventborne varnishes while maintaining excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. In addition they provide formulation flexibility and choice in finishes ranging from water white for natural wood appearance to the more traditional solventborne varnish appearance.

"DAOTAN TW 6440 and TW 6493 are NMP and nonylphenol ethoxylate free products and allow the formulation of paints that qualify for eco-labeling. By offering this type of low VOC Liquid Coating Resins, Cytec shows its dedication to innovative solutions which help our customers being more sustainable," says Audrey De Wulf, Global Marketing Manager Liquid Coating Resins.

Source: Cytec

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