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Pexa to Distribute MCU Coatings' Moisture-cured Urethane Coatings in UK & Ireland

Published on 2012-09-05. Author : SpecialChem

Pexa, the specialist materials supplier to the aerospace industry, recently announced its expansion into the energy and industrial Protective Coatings market. Its range of high performance surface coatings and treatments is highly suitable for protection and maintenance of the infrastructure related to the energy market. Including oil & gas exploration and storage, power generation (including wind and wave power) and related infrastructure such as docks, bridges and buildings.

Pexa is delighted to have been appointed the exclusive distributor for MCU Coatings. MCU Coatings produces the World's best performing moisture cured urethane coatings. These products are based on high performance polyurethane resin which cures in contact with humidity to form a polyurea, which exceeds the performance of 2-component paint. The combination of performance including flexibility, UV resistance, corrosion resistance and fluid resistance, provides excellent long term protection for metallic and non-metallic structures for a huge range of severe conditions. The products can be immersed in water within 30 minutes of application and can be applied in cold and wet conditions with no loss of performance.

"We are thrilled to be able to bring this fabulous technology to our UK customers," said Jim Rowbotham, M.D. of Pexa. "The MCU Coatings line offers a product for every high performance application. For example, MCU Zinc and MCU Miozinc offer excellent performance as a local "cold galvanizing" process even in the most adverse conditions."

Morten Sorensen of MCU Coatings said, "We are very pleased to appoint Pexa as our exclusive distributor for the UK & Ireland Markets, the energy infrastructure in the UK and Ireland will be a very important area of business for us. Climatic conditions are hard on equipment in this region and Pexa's know how of very high performance surface coatings will provide the back up which users of our products need."

Pexa has already appointed its first approved applicator for the MCU Coatings system and is planning to provide nationwide coverage, teaming with highly qualified and trained application contractors.

About Pexa

Pexa is a supplier of high technology materials to the aerospace, defence, energy and electronics industries. They are trusted partners of brand leading industrial product manufacturers; they employ progressive supply chain systems to deliver their promises. Pexa is not just a distributor of high tech materials. They work in close partnership with materials manufacturers, to ensure that they offer a comprehensive support package for the selection and use of all the products that they supply.

Source: Pexa

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