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Partner of the motorcycle industry: BASF Coatings

Published on 2006-01-17. Author : SpecialChem

Münster/Tokyo -- From power choppers to touring motorcycles, sport bikes, and off-road bikes, every year more than 30 million motorcycles are produced throughout the world. Eighty percent of the high-power cycles are manufactured in Asia, and 40 percent of the worldwide "need" is met by Japanese producers alone. Japan is the home of the "Big Four", who have written motorcycle history and haven't stopped making their mark yet. Just mention the names of any of the Big Four members Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, or Suzuki, and a motorcycle lover's heart will skip a beat. In Japan, as in India or Thailand, when it comes to painting their vehicles, the manufacturers all agree on the name of their favorite partner: BASF Coatings.

"We're number one on the Japanese market," says Atsushi Sakoh, Account Manager for BASF Coatings Japan Ltd.'s motorcycle division. "As the main supplier for clearcoats for the Big Four, we are an absolutely reliable partner. Along with our customers, we're constantly developing new solutions for the future." They include electrically conductive primers for a whole range of motorcycle parts, technical support, as well as the successful introduction of UV-curable clearcoats. BASF Coatings is the supplier of choice. "The use of UV-curable paints shortens the workflows in a major way and contributes to cutting costs," says Sakoh. And when it comes to eco-efficiency, BASF Coatings stands out on the Japanese market: "At the moment, there's some discussion about the use of waterborne basecoats in the motorcycle business, but this would be a change that means a lot of work. In the motorcycle sector there is a much higher use of special-effect finishes than in automotive OEM coating. Yet the fact that BASF Coatings is one of the world's leading suppliers of waterborne basecoats means that it's the right address for every motorcycle manufacturer.

Sparkling dreams, that bubbly sound – what more can a bike lover ask for?

"Here in Japan we're in a great position," reports Sakoh. Yet the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers are producing more and more all over the globe. Sakoh says, "This development is going to increase in the coming years. That's why many of our customers want us to support them globally at a wide variety of locations. Our know-how, flexibility and worldwide service means that we're well prepared to do this. We can safely say, 'Keep on riding, the dream goes on.'"

BASF: A major international player in coatings

BASF Coatings AG belongs to the global Coatings Division of the BASF Group. In 2004 the Coatings Division achieved world sales of 2.0 billion euros. The Coatings Division develops, produces and markets a high-quality range of innovative automotive OEM coatings, automotive refinishes and industrial coatings as well as decorative paints, and also the processes needed to apply them. In this business, eco-efficient water-based, powder and high-solids coatings as well as radiation-curable systems play a special part. In Brazil, the company has been successful in the decorative paints market for years and holds the leading position. BASF has a major, global presence in the Coatings sector, with significant market positions in Europe, North America, South America and the Asia/Pacific region, for example with affiliates in Australia, China, India, Japan, and the Philippines.

Source: BASF Coatings AG

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