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Pampa Melchorita Gas Export Pier and Jetty Project

Published on 2009-03-05. Author : SpecialChem

280,000 litres Baltoflake sold for Pampa Melchorita Gas Export Pier and Jetty project, so far. Expected life time is 30 years.

This pier is 1.3 km long and consists of 550 piles, each 30 m long (14,000 TM steel) and the platform structure (6,000 TM of steel). Baltoflake will be used on all piles and approx. half of the platform. Application started third quarter 2007 and is expected finished by last quarter 2009. The coating system is as follows:

  • Pier piles: 2-4 coats Baltoflake, 750-1000 microns each to a total of 2750 microns
  • Pier platform: 1 coat Baltoflake, 750 microns

The owner/end client is PERU LNG - a consortium led by Hunt Oil (USA) which also includes partners Repsol YPF (Spain), SK Energy (South Korea) and Marubeni (Japan). They expect a 30 years life time of the asset.

The engineering company involved is also the contractor CDB Melchorita - a consortium of Saipem (France), Jan de Nul (Belgium) and Norberto Odebrecht (Brasil).

Subcontractors for paint application are several companies from Peru:

  • Coating Services
  • K-3 (CDB's own paint shop at project site, built originally for touch-ups on joints)
  • Tecnicas Metalicas
  • Sima Callao
  • Imecon

Source: Jotun

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