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OMNOVA's Pliolite Resins Based Stormshield Paints Used to Restore England's Lighthouse

Published on 2012-08-10. Author : SpecialChem

PARIS/VILLEJUST, France -- Pliolite® based masonry finish was used to give England's most northerly lighthouse a gleaming new finish after years of exposure to the unforgiving elements of the North Sea.

Located at the end of the pier in the historical town of Berwick upon Tweed, Berwick's lighthouse was built in the early 19th century to guide ships to the entrance to the River Tweed and Berwick Harbour. The Berwick lighthouse is a stone circular tapering tower 44 feet high with a window for a light. It is painted red at the base, the rest painted white. It is capped with a red painted conical roof consisting of a single piece of stone.

The lighthouse was in dire need of a makeover and Johnstone Paints and OMNOVA Solutions teamed up to take the challenge. The exterior of the lighthouse had become so damaged that the old paint had to be burned off with blow torches. Once the old paint had been cleared, the holes that have been left by the crashing waves and sand from the North Sea with were filled with cement and lime mortar.

A lot of preparation work was involved with stripping off paint and repointing the stonework and then re-painting the lighthouse. Rusting on the building was so severe that the Johnstone's specification team recommended they use a primer, which was then overcoated with Johnstone's Stormshield finish based on Pliolite resins manufactured by OMNOVA Solutions. In total, approximately 20 gallons of paint were used.

Stormshield based on Pliolite resins is a premium quality solvent based paint formulated for exterior masonry and available in a wide variety of colors. The paint provides a smooth matt finish that has excellent adhesion on previously painted or untreated porous surfaces. It is VOC compliant (containing less than 430 g/l VOC). The Pliolite resins enable application at temperatures down to - 5°C and become shower proof in 20 minutes, allowing year round application.

Stormshield's Pliolite based finish gave the red and white painted Berwick lighthouse a bright new look. The lighthouse is now weather-protected for many years.

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OMNOVA Solutions is a technology-based company with sales of over US$1.2 billion and a global workforce of approximately 2300. OMNOVA Solutions is an innovator of emulsion polymers in dry powder and latex forms, specialty chemicals and also decorative and functional surfaces for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential end uses. The company is headquartered in Fairlawn, Ohio, USA, and serves a global marketplace from 10 chemical production facilities in Europe, Asia and the U.S. The regional headquarters for Europe is in Villejust, France. The business has representative offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas and an extensive network of distributors and agents strategically located around the world.

Source: OMNOVA Solutions

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