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OCSiAl Signs Agreements for Graphene Nanotubes Distribution in Canada, Mexico

Published on 2020-11-20. Author : SpecialChem

OSCIAL-coatingdistribution OCSiAl has announced Arya Chem of Canada, and Kathion Chemie De Mexico and NASEDA of Mexico will market graphene nanotube concentrates and suspensions to facilitate a new set of properties in liquid coatings and resin-based composites. These products feature the only form of graphene available to industry.

Granting Material New Properties

Being known for manufacturing high-quality products at affordable prices and delivering across the North America region, Mexico and Canada are always on the look-out for new solutions to upgrade materials, granting them new properties that were not previously possible.

These markets demonstrate full readiness for innovative graphene nanotube solutions for thermoset applications such as special industrial coatings, primers, etc. We have signed new distribution agreements with Arya Chem, NASEDA (Nacional de Servicios Dargue), and Kathion, creating a strong local supply chain for nanotube solutions in North America,” said Sergey Zasukhin, business development director for Canada, Mexico, Central and South America at OCSiAl.

Additives to Fulfill the Needs of Automotive Sector

One of the drivers for composites and coatings producers is the automotive industry, among other sectors. “The auto industry sets high requirements for technologically complex components and new materials. TUBALL™ nanotubes, produced by OCSiAl, allow our customers to achieve a full set of properties: The required level of conductivity combined with retained or even improved mechanical performance, and a wide color palette for the final product. We believe that this is the conductive additive with the best cost-performance balance,” said NASEDA managing director Francisco Gonzalez. The company has been granted distribution rights for graphene nanotube solutions in thermoset applications in South and Central Mexico.

Graphene Nanotube Solutions for Liquid Coatings

Kathion Chemie De Mexico will distribute graphene nanotube solutions for liquid coatings in the North of Mexico. “We see a growing number of industries welcoming graphene nanotubes. The transformation of these nanotubes from the laboratory to an industry material is fueled by the ability finally to make nanotubes accessible for the global industry. The nanotube concentrates we market solve the standard key problems for nanomaterials, such as dispersion challenges, the high price for the properties they grant and the consistency of quality from batch to batch,” said Juan Alonso Escobedo, managing director at Kathion Chemie De Mexico.

Currently TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes are marketed in more than 45 countries around the world. Nanotube masterbatches are already used to produce high-performance materials for the automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, construction, electronics, printing, and other industries.

Source: OCSiAl
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