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Nuplex Resins Announces Price Increase for all Coating Resins sold in North America

Published on 2005-09-14. Author : SpecialChem

Nuplex Resins, Louisville KY, has announced a price increase for all Coating Resins sold in North America, to be effective October 3, 2005. The increase will be approximately 4 - 10% and will affect all solvent and water-borne products, including alkyds, acrylics, polyesters and amino resins. The increase is the result of continued pressure for all major raw materials,
especially aromatic solvents, phthalic anhydride and styrene; as well as energy and freight.

In addition, persistently high pricing for crude oil and natural gas derivatives continues to perpetuate high raw material costs.

As always, Nuplex Resins will continue to do everything possible to control costs during this turbulent time of raw material increases.

Nuplex Industries Ltd.

The Nuplex Resins business is the largest producer in Australasia of resins for use by the paint, ink, adhesive, fibre reinforced plastics, construction, paper and textile industries. The product types include water-based polymer dispersions, solvent-based resin solutions, unsaturated polyesters, and solid resins.

Nuplex Resins operates in New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam and China.

Nuplex Resins

Nuplex Resins is a division of Nuplex Industries Ltd. The company is a leading global player in specialized resins for coatings. Nuplex Resins has manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Source: Nuplex Resins

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