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North American Metal Packaging Alliance, Inc. (NAMPA) Responds to Recently Introduced Legislation to Ban Bisphenol A (BPA) in Food and Beverage Containers

Published on 2008-06-12. Author : SpecialChem

WASHINGTON -- Metal packaging and its use of epoxy coatings have a proven record of success and have helped create the world's safest food supply. Epoxy coatings in use today are an essential metal packaging technology that meets all regulatory criteria and critical performance requirements for the broadest variety of foods and beverages. Representative Markey's legislation would have the effect of threatening the safety of the world's food supply and putting at risk the ability of all nations to feed their people.

Rigorous evaluations by government authorities worldwide consistently and repeatedly support the safety of BPA-based epoxy coatings for metal packaging. In addition, expert independent scientific and academic panels around the world unanimously agree that epoxy coatings made with BPA are safe for food packaging.

NAMPA strongly supports the use of sound science rather than unsubstantiated fear in the formulation of public policy. Ill-considered proposals based upon information that is not subjected to the rigorous standards of the established scientific review process is decidedly not in the public interest. NAMPA will continue to work with Congress to bring balance and perspective to this critically important issue.

Source: North American Metal Packaging Alliance, Inc. (NAMPA)

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