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No-Burn's Plus XD Coating Passes Lowest Wet Film Thickness Test Over BASF's ENERTITE® NM

Published on 2012-07-11. Author : SpecialChem

No-Burn® Plus XD is now approved over BASF's ENERTITE® NM at the lowest tested wet mil thickness, surpassing previous results. The test was performed in accordance with AC 377 Appendix X. Plus XD, used in lieu of a prescribed ignition barrier for the ENERTITE® NM and Plus XD assembly, applied at a thickness of 6 mils wet (4 mils dry) is significant because this new system is a more economical choice. At this thickness, No-Burn® Plus XD will cover approximately 267 sqft. per gallon.

ENERTITE® NM is a low-density, open-cell polyurethane foam plastic insulation for nonstructural insulating in Type V construction. The use of No-Burn®, Inc.'s Plus XD intumescent coating is permissible with ENERTITE® NM within limited-access attics and crawl spaces in accordance with the applicable sections of the International Residential (IRC) and International Building Codes (IBC). Plus XD is manufactured in the USA and meets both commercial and residential LEED®, as well as other green rating system requirements, such as Rule 1113 and Rule 314, for low VOC content and low VOC emissive paints and coatings. When Plus XD is applied at this newly tested thickness, savings include: increased productivity, decreased job durations, simple installation by your spray foam contractor and access to national distribution centers for local pick-up.

If you're going to use an intumescent coating over spray polyurethane foam or a non-prescriptive ignition barrier, qualify the manufacturer and their products. No-Burn®, Inc. and their products are well-known and have a proven track record for performance, customer satisfaction and technical support.

About No-Burn®, Inc.

No-Burn®, Inc. has been leading the way in fire resistant technology since 1998. All No-Burn® intumescent and fire retardant coatings are evaluated by independent third party laboratories for compliance with International Building and Residential Codes. No-Burn®'s products are low VOC content and low emissive formulations that are also non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Several No-Burn® products also offer a dual level of protection, reducing the risk of fire and resisting the growth of toxic-black mold.

About BASF Polyurethanes

BASF is the leading supplier of Polyurethane Solutions for systems, specialties and PU basic products. With its global network of 38 polyurethane system houses and its comprehensive product and service portfolio, BASF is the preferred partner of its customers in many industries. The BASF brand "Polyurethane Solutions" represents over 40 years of experience of the market and technology leadership for Polyurethane Systems.

In the extremely service-oriented business of polyurethane systems and specialties, reliable PU experience and competence are crucial. Through its system house network, BASF provides fast local support, from technical service and sales to production and marketing during the development of customized solutions. With its world-scale plants, BASF secures its leading market position in the production of polyurethane basic products in all regions of the world.

Source: No-Burn®, Inc.

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