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NMT Appoints Nagase to Market & Distribute its NPCC & Dispersion Products for Coatings in Asia

Published on 2012-07-23. Author : SpecialChem

SINGAPORE -- NanoMaterials Technology Private Limited has announced that it has appointed Nagase Singapore Private Limited for marketing and distribution of its nano-precipitated calcium carbonate ("NPCC") and nano-metal oxide dispersion products ("Nano-D") in Asia. The appointment is to support its rapid growing business and expanding opportunities throughout the region.

NPCC is a nano-sized functional additive in a wide range of applications such as coatings, rubber, plastics, architectural materials, adhesives, lubricants, paper and light chemicals. Nano-D is a series of nano-sized metal oxides such as zinc oxide, cerium oxide and antimony tin oxide dispersed in a wide selection of water-based or solvent-based media. These Nano-products are highly transparent and have excellent dispersability even at high solid loading (50%) which give unique properties such as UV and IR light absorbing/relecting anti-abrasion, anti-oxidizing, anti-static, photo-catalytic, oxygen-storing, electro-conductive, etc. Nano-D products are widely used in applications such as coatings, plastics, rubber, solar control film, electronic materials, and lubricants etc.

"This appointment is a milestone to NMT as we are expanding our business from contract research to commercialization of our own nano-materials," said Mr. David Sher, Managing Director of NMT. "We are glad to partner with Nagase Singapore as we have many synergies in terms of the target applications, customers and geographical coverage," he further added. "We believe that nano-products have a great market potential in this region. NMT is able to mass produce these nano-materials economically which makes them more accessible to the market," said Mr. Kusuo Ota, Managing Director of Nagase Singapore. He further said, "We will work with NMT, togehter with our affiliated companies to introduce nano-materials to our extensive customer networks, and expand the products portfolio from NMT."

About NanoMaterials Technology Pte Ltd

Founded in April 2000, NanoMaterials Technology (NMT) is a Singapore company that specializes in the development and commercialization of the production technologies of nano-materials. NMT has a proprietary technology called High Gravity Controlled Precipitation (HGCP). The technology is versatile to be coupled with proprietary dispersion technology and know how to improve the dispersability of nanoparticles. It is one of the leading technologies which can mass produce nanomaterials commercially. The technology is also suitable to process nano-sized drug compounds for pharmaceutical and medical applications.

About Nagase Singapore

Nagase Singapore Private Limited is a branch company of Nagase & Company Limited Japan. Nagase & Company Ltd was founded in 1832. Nagase has extensive business network in Japan, Asia, Middle-East, Oceanic, North and Central America and Europe. It specializes in import/export and domestic sales od chemicals, plastics, electronic materials, cosmetics and health foods.

Source: NanoMaterials Technology

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