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Nippon Paint Launches Society Care Programs to Boost CSR Program in China

Published on 2015-01-06. Author : SpecialChem

Nippon Paint China boosted their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in 2014, with the launch of their "Society Care" programs in nine big cities around China. These charitable programs drew the participation of over 1,000 voluntary staff members from seven different business sectors of Nippon Paint China, who embodied the company's spirit in their selfless work.

As one of Asia's leading paint manufacturers, Nippon Paint China began their steps towards developing a social public welfare program back in 2009, when they initiated the "Color, Way of Love" program, which renovates and improves the learning environment of schools in rural desolated areas in China. They have also developed several social interest activities, which included establishing a special fund together with China Youth Development Foundation and Shanghai United Foundation, for "Color, Way of Love"; donating the establishment of Nippon Paint China Happy Art Class; launching training programs for school teachers and providing teaching opportunities for college students.

Nippon Paint China's constant commitment to social interests has gained positive feedback from the public. Over 200 teachers and volunteers have participated in their social interests program and the company has received up to350 million hits on their online community platform. Most importantly, over 60,000 students from rural areas have received benefits from the company's help and support programs.

As one of the five CSR programs of Nippon Paint China, the company's "Society Care" program provides help for the vulnerable groups of society, which include lonely elders, and disabled and poor students. The company has so far launched 15 activities under the "Society Care" program in nine cities, which help repair schools, renovate residences for elders, offering care to the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patients, and building houses for the poor villagers in Sichuan Province. They have achieved this with the support of China Youth Development Foundation, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Shanghai United Foundation, Habitat for Humanity China and China Next Generation Education Foundation.

Social interest activities are also a major focus of Nippon Paint China's CSR program, with the company organizing activities like the "Shanghai United Walkathon"- a long distance walking activity for collecting funds for children, and spending the Mid-Autumn Festival with children suffering from autism. These activities have not only helped the vulnerable groups, but also given the volunteers touching memories and the chance for growth.

Liu Wei, the general manager of Nippon Paint China's LangFang office, has participated in visiting visual-impaired children in a local nursery center for disabled children in Beijing, emphasizing the importance of everyone taking part.

"Charity is not inaccessible, nor is it the privilege for celebrities; so long as there is a heart for helping others, everyone can do their part," he said.

Zhang Tingyi, an employee from Nippon Paint China's factory in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, was also touched after spending the Mid-Autumn Festival with autistic children.

"We had joy and tears for every second we were together," said Zhang, adding that the humble endeavor of Nippon Paint China's volunteers makes her understand that voluntary activities like this are open to everyone in society. "As long as you have a thankful heart, ordinary people can do extraordinary things," she said

Compared with last year, the "Society Care" has seen a considerable growth in the increasing numbers of cities and people that are involved. Ariel Wu, CSR, PR and brand communications director of Nippon Paint China, once interpreted the company's social interest activities in the following way: "One act of kindness is not difficult, what is difficult is to keep on doing it and spreading it. Having everyone from Nippon Paint China carry out the social interest activities, to contribute whatever they can and learn from each other, to bring colorful lives and dreams to vulnerable groups, for them to become a person of responsibility and kindness is never too hard," said Wu.

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