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New team, new goal, new luck!

Published on 2007-02-26. Author : SpecialChem

Münster.-- The new team is raring to go. For the 2007 truck racing season, Gerd Körber will be driving with Egon Allgäuer. To ensure optimal coating of his racing truck, Körber relies on BASF Coatings AG's Glasurit® brand paints. The Glasurit® logo - the parrot - will be going along for the ride as a lucky charm. Körber's objective is crystal clear: becoming the 2007 European champion. And the team has what it takes. Both drivers have already been European champions, and this year, Körber is celebrating 20 years of truck racing. It's time to hit the road and pull out all the stops!

The racing trucks are perfectly prepared, both technically and from the perspective of visual impact. For the truck's visual appearance, Körber relies on 68 Line for commercial vehicles, because it's environmentally friendly and high quality. "In addition to reduced solvent emissions, the paints are easy to apply and offer low material consumption and higher gloss. Between these properties and 68 Line's ideal color matching, I'm completely convinced," Körber explains. The trucks don't just look great, they also drive great and are fast - although the speed limit for racing is 160 kilometers per hour. "My expectations for 2007 are very high. We have to try to avoid breakdowns and finish as many races as we can with a place on the podium," says Körber. And he's convinced they'll do just that, because on top of their excellent racing trucks, the team is perfect, and the drivers have years of experience under their belts. The Allgäuer truck race crew maintains and repairs the trucks on the track in the wink of an eye. Besides, having a passion for racing makes reaching the podium even easier.

And Gerd Körber certainly has this passion, since motors and car bodies aren't just a hobby. One of the businesses he and his brother run is a body and paint shop.

You might say that racing is in Körber's genes, since the entire Körber family has been infected by the racing bug. His father and brothers were also active in racing for a long time. "My goal for 2007 is very clear: winning the European championship. Most important, though, is the team standings. But I really wouldn't mind being the top driver as well," Körber adds, grinning.

Source: BASF

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