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New Shop Concept Opens in Denmark

Published on 2003-08-04. Author : SpecialChem

Under the name Sigma Studio, Sigma Coatings Denmark introduces a completely new shop concept, borrowing from features of other Sigma Service Centres and the Polish Studio Dekoral shops. Sigma Denmark has combined the best of two worlds in responding to the Danish market. These Sigma Studio's are run by independent entrepreneurs who meet the needs of Danish consumers.

In Denmark, seven out of 10 professional painters own a paint shop from which professional brands such as Sigma are sold to consumers. High unemployment rates and companies postponing investments by saving on maintenance mean professional painters are facing serious challenges. Homeowners are reacting in the same way by painting themselves, thus depriving the professional painters from income. As a result, it is expected that the Sigma share of the Do It Yourself market will rise.

Soft franchise system offers flexibility - Sigma is addressing the needs of professional painters/entrepreneurs who want to start their own shop. Such shops will be the same everywhere. This applies to the façade as well the interior design, including colours, the shelving system, helpdesk, computer area, and coffee corner.

As a soft franchise system, the strength of Sigma Studio Concept is that shop owners have the opportunity to express their own identity. For example, they will have room to supply a small part of the assortment (10-15%) from external distributors.

The intent is to open 12 Sigma Studios in Denmark this year. Sigma Denmark is convinced they have found the key to success. Fifty Sigma Studios are planned for the Danish market during the next two years.

Source: SigmaKalon

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