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New Ink-Coating Systems from Flint Group

Published on 2008-05-09. Author : SpecialChem

INULINE is the name of two innovative ink-coating systems that give Flint Group customers new ways to improve their profitability. At the same time, these systems enable printers to offer their clients products with new properties.

The first system provides extremely high gloss values of up to 90% with a water-based varnish. It combines a special printing ink that goes by the name of Novavit F770 INULINE and has a very fast-setting and highly pigmented formulation with the special high-gloss water-based varnish Novaset 7302/100 INULINE. This is the most cost-effective way of achieving gloss finishes such as those produced with a UV varnish. The primary field of application for this product combination is for jobs that demand very high gloss but not the mechanical and chemical resistance properties of a UV varnish.

The second system enables a UV varnish to be applied directly onto a conventional sheetfed offset ink, inline and without the use of a primer. It consists of the same fast-setting and highly pigmented Novavit F770 INULINE ink combined with the special UV varnish Ultraking INULINE. This combination is designed primarily for use on highly absorbent substrates and jobs that require the mechanical durability and chemical stability but not necessarily the gloss of UV varnish.

The system has been tested at Dresdner SDV Direct World GmbH on a Heidelberg CD 102-5 UV. Christoph Deutsch, Chairman of the parent company SDV - Die Medien AG and Managing Director of SDV Direct World GmbH, attests to the positive results from the trial: "INULINE is ideal for the CD 102-5 with conventional printing units and downstream UV varnishing unit. With this system, we can cut out a complete pass and still produce prints of almost identical quality as before. To allow us to apply more varnish in future, we are going to invest in a Haschur roller."

Deutsch emphasises the fact that there was no need to alter ink profiles and that the new ink has the same properties as the conventional inks used. There is also no difference between the new and other UV varnishes when it comes to washing. Considering that just a single pumping cycle is required, washing takes no longer than an hour. Furthermore, there's no need for primer varnish. "It's in handling that the system gives us a whole range of advantages, and we're more than happy to recommend INULINE to others," enthuses Deutsch.

Source: Flint Group

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