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New HP Process from Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Requires No Baking

Published on 2008-06-20. Author : SpecialChem

Warrensville Heights, Ohio - The new HP Process™ with Air-Bake™ technology from Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes combines the simplicity of yesterday's automotive paints with forward-thinking, modern technology.

This patent-pending automotive paint process removes the need for baking to achieve a fast cure time. Instead, HP Process uses its proprietary Air-Bake technology to cure at ambient (70-75°F) room temperatures, allowing for same-day repairs. HP Process, which has received numerous certifications from OEM manufacturers, uses high-quality primers, basecoats and urethane clearcoats that produce a finish that's workable to sand and polish in 40 minutes or less. In fact, the H PC15 Clearcoat only needs ambient temperature to achieve a 15-minute workable cure, eliminating the downtime associated with temperature ramp up or cool down.

The HP Process not only benefits the environment by reducing a shop's carbon footprint, but it impacts the bottom line by helping paint more cars, faster. Because high-temperature baking isn't required, any underutilized shop space can be converted into a HP Process area to service such painting jobs as bolt-on bumpers, superficial scrapes, door dings and more. The coating allows such jobs to move quickly out the door and keep the job flow moving. It's also ideal for dealerships looking to quickly touch-up trade-in models for quick resale.

"Sherwin-Williams' HP Process facilitates an improved through put and has reduced our energy costs at the same time," said Rex Dunn, CEO of True2Form Collision Repair Centers. "As a result, insurers pay less in rental and vehicle owners get their car returned in less time - so it creates a better overall experience and shops can produce more jobs in the same space and timeframe."

"The HP Process is a win-win for all concerned; shops can paint more cars and reduce their carbon footprint," said Nick Bartoszek, SWAFC Director - Global Product Management. "That's why the process is aptly named HP - higher productivity, higher performance, higher profits all resulting in a healthy planet."

HP Process requires only mainstream equipment and delivers the flexibility, speed and ease that have been associated with the automotive coatings of the past but offers modern durability and quality. Because no expensive ultraviolet equipment is required, HP Process eliminates the dark areas common with UV lights, as well as the special waste disposal techniques associated with UV technologies.

Besides increasing the potential for more rapid job turnaround and increased productivity, this new coating also significantly reduces energy requirements by eliminating the need for high-temperature bake cycles. Turning off the heat reduces carbon emissions, the dependency on fossil fuels used to heat the spray booth and, in turn, an automotive shop's energy bill.

Source: Sherwin-Williams

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