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New Business name to act as catalyst for VERTEC™ Range of Products

Published on 2005-10-20. Author : SpecialChem

Johnson Matthey Catalysts has re-named its Teesside based organic titanates and zirconates business to support and recognise the importance of its brand identity, VERTEC™.

The business, formerly known as the Polymers, Inks and Coatings business, has been renamed VERTEC™, endorsing the already successful brand name associated with the world's leading manufacturer of titanates. The VERTEC™ brand, launched over a year ago, was derived from the term versatile technology, which was chosen because its products are used in such a wide variety of applications and industries.

'The decision to change the business name was taken to endorse the core values of leading innovation, customer service and quality, and to move our focus towards solving customer problems by whatever means we have at our disposal.'

Source: Johnson Matthey Catalysts

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