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New additions to the BASF range of Xfast® stir-in pigments - transparent iron oxides

Published on 2003-11-17. Author : SpecialChem

Xfast® Yellow ED 7800 and Xfast® Red ED 7795 are the first two transparent iron oxides provided by BASF as stir-in pigments. This means that the coatings industry can now dispense with complex dispersing treatment which has been necessary, as transparent iron oxides in particular are difficult to disperse pigments. To provide these products ready to use for highly transparent varnishes, only pastes with a low concentration of pigment have been made available until now. With Xfast® Yellow ED 7800 and Xfast® Red ED 7795, customers can now fastly, safely and cleanly produce especially wood tone varnishes. These products contain neither water nor solvents and conform to the upcoming VOC regulations.

With these innovative Xfast® stir-in pigments, which can be directly stirred in, BASF has succeeded in providing the coatings industry with a fast and efficient solution to producing paints and varnishes. Like all other Xfast® stir-in pigments, both the new products are also low-dusting granules. They can be stirred directly into aqueous binding systems. As a result, they no longer require dispersion in a bead mill, as do conventional pigments in powder form. Thanks to their unique hollow-sphere granular form, simple stirring or shaking is sufficient for Xfast® stir-in pigments to develop their full color strength. Xfast® stir-in pigments are fast, easy and clean to use and help customers cut processing costs.

The product range of Performance Chemicals for Coatings, Plastics and Specialties comprises pigments, preparations and dyes, binders, crosslinkers and additives. BASF is one of the three world�s leading manufacturers of these products, with production sites all over the world. The BASF Operating Division Performance Chemicals is part of the segment Performance Products. BASF' customers derive economic advantage through innovative applications and problem-solving expertise. With its leading edge competence, BASF provides its customers with a competitive advantage in serving their markets.

Source: BASF Group.

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