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NAZDAR Implements Sustainability Initiatives In Lyson® Wide-Format Solvent Product Line

Published on 2010-05-31. Author : SpecialChem

SHAWNEE, KS -- Nazdar, the largest manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks in North America, announces sustainability initiatives in its Lyson wide-format solvent cartridge-based ink product line. Nazdar will begin to use solvent ink cartridges marked with Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) recycling codes.

Users of Lyson solvent ink can disassemble empty cartridges, remove the ink bladder for proper disposal and recycle the remaining three pieces of plastic. Users should contact their local Department of Public Works or recycling centers to determine where plastics can be recycled properly.

In addition to the new recyclable cartridge shell, Nazdar will be discontinuing the use of an outer cardboard box for each individual cartridge. This initiative will reduce waste and reduce the harmful environmental effects associated with the cardboard bleaching process.

Nazdar continues to identify ways to reduce the carbon footprint associated with digital printing. "Nazdar is committed to helping digital printers implement sustainability efforts," commented Richard Bowles, Nazdar Vice President and General Manager. Bowles added, "By thinking globally and acting locally, users of Nazdar Lyson inks can each do their part by simply making a trip to the local recycling center."

Nazdar Lyson inks are an economical alternative to OEM solvent and UV-curable inks. Nazdar provides an equipment and application warranty that covers both hardware and output. Users of Nazdar Lyson inks can save up to 30% on ink costs when compared to OEM ink usage.

Nazdar is the largest manufacturer and distributor of screen printing inks, equipment, and supplies in North America.

Source: Nazdar

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