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NaturalNano to Present at Financial Services Exchange Conference

Published on 2005-07-22. Author : SpecialChem

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- NaturalNano Inc., a company whose primary business is discovering, refining and marketing naturally occurring nanomaterials, announced that Michael Riedlinger, NaturalNano President, will present the Company's opportunities at the Financial Services Exchange (FSX) conference in Kansas City on July 23 at the Hyatt Regency Kansas City, 2345 McGee Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

Mr. Riedlinger will explore the potential for naturally occurring nanomaterials and the Company's proprietary capabilities and intellectual property.

He will discuss commercial applications for halloysite nanotubes, hollow tubes with high aspect ratios that are tens to hundreds of nanometers (billionths of a meter) in diameter. These include additives in polymers and plastics, electronic components, cosmetics, absorbents and many others. NaturalNano is making samples available to prospective customers in these industries. The unique geometry of the halloysite nanotubes enables them to be used for storing, delivering and controlling the release of various chemicals and materials, making possible a wide range of commercial applications.

NaturalNano has rights to multiple pending patents that cover processes, compositions, and derivatives for the nanotubes found in halloysite clay. More than 200 different commercial applications have been identified. The Company is also developing proprietary, patent-pending extraction, separation and classification technologies to enable production of more uniform nanotubes to meet the higher standards required for advanced applications of the naturally occurring nanotubes. These include long-lasting release of cosmetics, materials and additives.

Extracted from clay mined at the Dragon Mine in Utah, operated by Atlas Mining (OTC: ALMI - News), the tubule-rich halloysite can be supplied in very large quantities. Earlier this year, NaturalNano purchased 500 tons of halloysite from Atlas and will be setting up processing capabilities at the mine to produce nanotubes to customer requirements for specific applications.


"FSX" is a consortium of Independent Broker Dealer Firms. Its member firms have a combined sales force of thousands of licensed professionals. Founded in 1983, FSX is one of the oldest national governances for B/D leaders and owners.

FSX provides quarterly investment conferences throughout the United States. Investment Sponsors are able to meet with NASD Principles in an interruption free environment. FSX provides private/public companies with a forum for mezzanine financing/offerings and opportunities to develop a following for publicly traded securities. It also provides a forum for direct investment programs, mutual funds and asset management companies. Over the last 22 years and 85 conferences, more than $1 billion has been raised for sponsors' offerings through the FSX network.


NaturalNano Inc. is an advanced materials company with unique, proprietary processes for the refinement of naturally occurring nanotubes and other materials that enable a range of advanced applications, from enhanced composites and other industrial products to cosmetics. We are a technology leader in the processing of nanotubes from halloysite clay and other sources of naturally occurring nanotubes.

We possess broad intellectual property rights to multiple pending patents for a comprehensive range of processes, compositions, and derivatives of our nanomaterials. Our research and development teams have identified more than 200 novel applications for halloysite and other nanotubes. The applications include uses in cosmetics and personal care products, absorbent materials, electromagnetic interference shielding, specialty coatings and material additives for industrial polymers, plastics and composites.

Our strategic partnership with Atlas Mines (OTC: ALMI - News), owner of one of the world's largest deposits of halloysite clay, provides us with an initial supply of 500 tons of processed halloysite nanotubes and a collaborative agreement for using our proprietary processes. This enables NaturalNano to deliver large quantities of our products to our strategic partners and customers.

Source: NaturalNano Inc.

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