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National Coatings Highly-Reflective Roof Coatings Aid in the Fight Against CO2 Emission!

Published on 2009-03-10. Author : SpecialChem

CAMARILLO, Calif. -- Over the past 30 years, National Coatings, has created the AcryShield and Acryguard family of highly reflective roof coatings that have assisted in increasing solar reflectance back into the atmosphere while decreasing CO2 emission and its effects: solar heat gain; high temperatures and urban heat island effect. According to Senior Scientist, Hashem Akbari at the renowned Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, resurfacing existing flat roofs with white or highly reflective roof coatings that have a durable solar reflectance of at least 60% will increase the roofs' solar reflectance by a minimum of 40%, thus resulting in a dramatic decrease of CO2 emissions from energy production.

"If owners of low slope roofs choose a highly-reflective AcryShield cool roofing system, the cumulative effect can quickly move into annual avoided production of hundreds of millions of pounds of CO2 annually," says Bill Kirn, Technical Director, author, speaker and chemist in acrylic cool roof technology.

National Coatings products have been tested with the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and are listed as the highest reflective roof coatings available, with their AcryShield A590 and A179 listed with solar reflectances of 92% & 93% respectively. NCC has numerous coatings that contribute LEED points to assure building and design firms they are utilizing the most environmentally efficient products. With their attentive commitment to providing time tested, sustainable, environmentally responsible solutions to reducing energy consumption, National Coatings highly-reflective coatings have been proven to be a leading technology in its industry towards the fight against climate change and lowering CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

About National Coatings Corporation:

Performance through Innovation™, National Coatings Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality elastomeric roof, wall coating and insulation products. For nearly 30 years, NCC has provided its customers with breakthrough products, customer support, and thought leadership. National Coatings is a charter member of the Cool Roof Rating Council and the ENERGY STAR® Roof Products group, founding member of the RRCI (Reflective Roof Coating Institute) and was twice recognized as ENERGY STAR Roof Products Partner of the Year. NCC's leading brands include AcryShield®, AcryPly®, AcryGuard®, AcryPly-D™, and AcryFlex®.

Source: National Coatings Corporation

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