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Nanotechnologies, Inc. Unveils New Corporate Name to Reflect Company's Vision, Products and Technologies

Published on 2006-07-24. Author : SpecialChem

AUSTIN, Texas -- Nanotechnologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance metal nanoparticles, materials, and technology, announced their new corporate name, NovaCentrix. NovaCentrix -- arising from new solutions and new technologies -- reflects the company's move to offer complete market-driven solutions, with a strategic vision of commercializing nanoenabled products for high-growth applications.

Addressing its customers' needs, NovaCentrix leverages their leadership and expertise in producing and processing some of the world's most sought-after nano-particles, by providing integrated systems that address the entire production process. NovaCentrix products range from powder to formulation to processing equipment with distinct expertise in electronic materials, energetic materials, and life sciences applications.

"We offer the products and technologies as comprehensive solutions to our customers, delivering exceptional value in the evolving nanotech markets," said CEO Steve Leach. "NovaCentrix better represents the inclusive nature of our offering and unique expertise that NovaCentrix leverages to deliver business value to our customers."

NovaCentrix is focused on three select markets: electronics, energetics, and life sciences. Solutions for the electronics market encompass conductive nanometal inks and unique photonic curing equipment for processing low-temperature, low-cost, high-volume printable electronics. Energetics products incorporate nanoscale aluminum in combination with proprietary formulations to create enhanced explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnics. Life sciences solutions are built upon the company's patented nanoscale silver and incorporated as an anti-microbial and anti-viral additive in coatings, fabrics, and wound-care products.

About NovaCentrix

NovaCentrix offers its solutions to the printable electronics, energetics, and life sciences markets. From functionalizing nanoparticles and formulating inks, to producing equipment, NovaCentrix' proprietary technology and recognized expertise offer customers exceptional value-driven solutions. As a formulated materials and equipment manufacturer, NovaCentrix leverages its expertise in producing and processing some of the world's most sought-after nano-particles, and provides nano-enabled products, processes, and solutions.

Source: NovaCentrix

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