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nanoShell's Protective Nanocoatings for Glass Reduces Bird Fouling Staining to the Glazing

Published on 2012-02-02. Author : SpecialChem

nanoShell's nano coatings for glass are being used by property managers and building owners to reduce the impact of bird fouling sticking to glazing, especially for high level glass atriums and glass curtain walling where access and cleaning is difficult, dangerous and costly.

The problem of bird fouling staining glazing is a long-term problematic issue for many building owners, especially in seaside and coastal locations. There is generally no simple solution and the problem is compounded by the fact that the main seagull season and activity is during the summer months. As a result, large amounts of bird fouling accumulate on glazing during the hot summer months and are baked hard onto the glass. Bird fouling is therefore very difficult and costly to remove and normally has to be physically scraped off by hand, requiring specific and costly access solutions.

Their protective coatings product nanoShell Glass is easily applied to provide a durable, hydrophobic and invisible coating that will last in excess of 5 years. The performance coatings for Glass create a self-cleaning glass effect with the action of rainwater removing standing dirt and additional staining such as bird fouling. This not only allows your premises to remain cleaner for longer but also means reduced cleaning frequencies by half on average and no need for costly cleaning chemicals. The surface treated with nanoShell's invisible coatings for glass requires only water to be cleaned.

About nanoShell

nanoShell is a UK owned company with the ability to deliver cutting edge nano coatings and impregnators to clients in any part of the world. Their extensive resources and consultants can collaborate with customers to establish, implement and integrate nanotechnology surface protections within their business and environment to provide aesthetic and cost improvements to customers' business

Source: nanoShell

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