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Nanometric Sublayer Reinvigorates Different Coatings against Corrosion, High Temp Oxidation

Published on 2010-10-14. Author : SpecialChem

TEHRAN (INIC) -- The Iranian researchers at Razi University in collaboration with Prof. Ahmad Ali Amadeh at University of Tehran managed to shorten the formation time of coatings resistant to hot corrosion and high temperature oxidation by synthesis and application of nanometric sublayer and its aluminization at low temperatures.

The corrosion and oxidation usually occur in the operation of parts like gas turbine vanes.

"According to the previous studies, formation of nickel nanostructure for aluminizing process, an industrial process for production of coatings resistant to high temperature oxidations, makes the formation of coatings at considerably lower temperatures possible compared to the current methods and shortens the formation time of aluminide coatings," Ali Mohammad Rashidi, professor at Razi University, said in an interview with the INIC news service.

Samples of nanostructured and microstructured nickel and nickel-tungsten alloy were supplied and underwent low temperature-high activity aluminizing treatment. After aluminizing treatment, samples cross section the structure and the mechanism of thickness changes of formed coatings with time in microcrystalline and nanocrystalline samples were compared. The results of the present study, show that the beginning time of aluminide coating formation at a definite temperature is reduced as a result of sublayer being nanostructured and the type of coating is also converted from single-layered to double-layered (during long time aluminizing).

The growth (thickening) rate, nevertheless, showed no significant difference between micro and nanostructured samples of thick coatings. Contrary to expectations, the growth rate energy is slightly more in nanocrystalline samples because of formation of double-layered coating and phase change and made the effect of nanometric size of grains fade away.

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